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And thus the world was changed
Some big announcement was on the way from the Kremlin. The CCD owned media outlet was set up with as much pomp and circumstance as they did when news was last released about the procurement of a new Dominion. Some theorized such was the case now: Australia perhaps was rather inert and easy to sweep into CCD control; or maybe South America's volatile state was finally ripe for reaping.

The Ascendancy's symbol was everywhere; all the reporters were drowning in the orange and black glow. Whispers were thick as well. Nobody really speculated a Dominion was joining the Custody; however, something was happening.

"Good evening,"
the direct voice of the Ascendancy began, and all ears, here and around the globe, were tuned to listen.

"There has been speculation of late regarding the unusual phenomena we have observed for some time now. Reports began to intensify following the campaign in Dominance V. Afterward, similar scenarios were reported around the world on both the large and small scale. Most recently, a threat was positioned at Moscow itself in the form of a troubled young man seeking to gain our attention. He succeeded, although he lost his life to do so. Too many lives have been lost so far. Death is not something I covet for our enemies; I never have. It is time we take a more direct action to prevent further tragedies."

He paused to take a breath, but if he was unsteady, it was only to be seen by the passage of still seconds. The breath before the storm to be unleashed.

"Allegations of magic; of powers unseen by some and experienced most intimately by others; stories that defy science and logic. They are all true."

"There are young men and women among us with the capability to wield these powers. Some use them at will, others are oblivious to their connections and strike out blind and accidental. There are individuals with mal-intent and individuals pure of heart."

"The ramifications of this discovery are yet to be known; but the CCD is committed to understanding the dangers these individuals may pose and safe-guarding the population as needed."

The room, indeed the world, was frozen with shock. Less so that these rumors were true, but more that the government was admitting their truth. But for what was to come next, the earth was about to shake in comparison.

"These individuals are always young men and women; approximately thirty years or younger. They may be your neighbors, your friends, or your family. They are linked to the Sickness, and the Sickness linked to their genetics. Thus, it is believed the infection is not an infection at all, but rather a manifestation of these powers poisoning their system until it acclimates. Some individuals survive this process; others succumb."

"And I am one of them."

The bomb dropped. He met the eyes of those that stared back, unable to divert their gazes. Unable to do much at all but stare.

"I will take your questions."

Q: "How long have you known about this?"

A: "It took a few months to investigate and orient fact from fiction. I did not want to cause panic with half truths. I wanted to make this announcement as soon as facts were verified."

Q: "Were the rumors about Commander Vellas true and did you know they were true at the time."

A: "For security reasons, I cannot answer that question."

Q: "the American, Nicholas Trano claimed as much some time ago. Yet he was denounced, even labeled insane by your office. Do you admit he was right now?"

A: "Nicholas was someone I invited to the Kremlin Press Corps so the Americans could have insight into my life and see me as an ally rather than a threat. When he made that announcement we did not yet have our facts verified. So I stand by what was said at the time."

Q: "You said everyone that has these powers are young, but how can that be true if you yourself do also at your age?"

A: "Because I am the first, the Ascendancy. The oldest and strongest of all."

Q: "Did you use your powers to win this office?"

A: "No. I was elected president of Russia in a fair election."

Q: "How many people are there like you?"

A: "there are none like me. But of those with power, as many as likely as there are with the Sickness."

Q: "Can the Sickness be cured?"

A: "No, only if a person acclimated to the power poisoning their body will they survive."

Q: "did you have this Sickness?"

A: "yes."

Q: "How did you survive?"

A: "I meditated. I still meditate according to Buddhist training."

Q: "Is that what you were doing after you left Bologna, Italy but before you came to Russia?"

A: "Yes. Someone tried to kill me and I left Italy for my own safety. I found peace in their temples. The person who wanted to kill me was affiliated with a group who now want to kill anyone with this power regardless of good or bad intentions. They find anyone different from them to be a threat. Their organization is called The Atharim. If you have this power and they know about it, they will kill you and your entire family."

Q: "Are they a terrorist group?"

A: "In a sense. But if you do not have power, they are not a threat to you. If you do, be prepared to defend yourself. They will come for you. If you report yourself to CCD agents who are waiting to register your information, we can provide you protection as we eliminate their threat. I urge you, register with the CCD if you are one of our citizens. I will keep you safe."

[[ Because I look for this often in this thread - The making of the arch by Ascendancy with the OP ]]

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