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New Challenges
Elyse distracted her from Never's perdiciment. But it wasn't the best distraction in the world. Her life was simple in comparison to Elyse's. Sierra didn't completely understand the situation. Nor did she really think she was qualified to offer such a suggestion. But she could provide questions to analyze the situation.

Sierra squeezed Elyse's hand reassuringly. The warmth was comforting for her, she hoped the contact was comforting for the other wolfkin too. It had been a long time since she'd had a pack of her own. She missed Snow, but Never and Elyse and Sting, and Marta were all going to be pack. They could get through this human world together. She was sure of that.

"I know you don't want to talk to him but he'd be better to ask. I'm used to hiding. Staying off the grid. But you, you are more human. You'll want people. You'll need people. Elyse, I need people sometimes. But these people, the kill and hunt for a living. You know this. You are them. Is it safer to register? I don't know. The government can help, but they can't watch your back. We can only do so much by ourselves. With Enrique maybe more. They are going to hunt you no matter what just for the color of your eyes."
Sierra had pretty much talked herself into registering - but she wasn't one of them. Terrorist. No she wasn't, but she knew that it was better to only have an enemy on one front - at least these Atharim they knew.
Elyse squeezed Sierra's hand in return. She knew it was tough for the other wolfkin to understand. That didn't mean her advice was not sound. Still she wasn't sure she could contact Nox again. Not after how she left things.

Elyse closed her eyes and whispered again. "I'm sorry...I'm just so overwhelmed by everything..."

The truth was there. The Atharim didn't know she was wolfkin, but she had abandoned their order. Soon enough they would come for her, and because of that, very briefly, she felt like she should leave and become a recluse. At least that way, she wouldn't be endangering anyone else, but the longer she thought about it, the more she knew she couldn't do that. It wasn't in her nature to be alone.

Elyse waited with Sierra, getting a few fuzzy images from Never. They had likely given him painkillers. A vet tech soon came out to explain the situation.

"Never is going to be fine," she said. Broken leg. We have it set. You'll have to keep an eye on him for awhile because we gave him a sedative to set the bone."
Sierra wanted to hug Elyse to comfort her but the doctor came out and gave them information on Never.

He was going to be alright. Sierra breathed a sigh of relief as she took went back to get Never. He was wearing one of those 'cones of shame and Sierra giggled. She didn't send Never any comments, he didn't need to know what it was silly looking. He was such a big tough pup that Sierra didn't have the heart.

She was giggling when she brought him out to Elyse. "Doesn't he look cute."

Sierra wrapped an arm around Elyse in a half hug half support. "Let's go to our new home."

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