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Dance Party
[Image: liam-liam-neeson-29022103-300-422.jpg]

The music from the stage called his attention and, despite himself, he smiled. The lyrics were different, but the melody was familiar. Growing up in a brothel was not the norm for most people. But his mother and the other women there looked after him with love. He didn't have much, but in many ways, he had more than most, in the way of attention and affection. All of the women doted on him. Children's movies were a staple.

Indeed, mythology and fairy tales had been one of the things that had first spurred his interest in history. While his primary work was in archaeology, one of his earliest published works was the role of stories from a sociological perspective, the way they defined community identity, expectation, and structure. They were what made us human. That paper had ultimately led to his full ride scholarship in Bologna.

Which reminded him, and he looked over to find Nik gone. Or rather out in the sea of people somewhere, he was sure. Nox was gone too. At her words, he watched the performance on the stage. The wolves were a nice touch. Not that he knew the band or anyone up there. Pop music was not something he had much time for, these days. In the past, yes. 'Your brother is talented. Very clever to rework the original as he has. A deep dive," he said referencing the subject of the song.

He turned back to Rowan, allowing himself to trace her form with his eyes in an open manner. His smile deepened at her comments. "I should like to sample this cuisine of yours." He was no gourmand. Food was not all that important. Indeed, there were days he was so lost in his work he realized he hadn't eaten much of anything. But a shared meal was a social event. And he also knew that food had a sensual element to it, in certain contexts. He wouldn't be so crass as to say that hot fudge aroused him. Then again....

He chuckled, raising an eyebrow. "Interesting," he said slowly and drawn out. A finger reached out to gently touched her hand. "New Orleans apparently has its charms," his look making it clear he was speaking of her. Well that, but her mention of debauchery did not go unnoticed.

His smile widened as she spoke. She was more than a pretty face. Clearly. Not that he was into spiritual things. But he was also not arrogant enough to categorically declare what was valid or true and what wasn't. He knew people with abilities existed. Case in point, Nik and his power. Indeed, he was intrigued. His finger lingered. "I would like that," he said to her suggestion.

The music thrummed and despite himself, he felt the urge. He extended a hand, smile warm, blue eyes twinkling. "Care to dance?" Like a meal, dancing was a socially bonding experience. And he was interested enough, now.

And the sacred geometry of her body called to him.
Nox’s explanation made him genuinely chuckle. Between the music, the sway of dancing, and the atmosphere, Nik forgot how much fun it was to relax. As Nox and the friend started talking, Nik’s attention was drawn aside by a hand on his arm. Naturally, he turned to find a dark-haired beauty with luscious lips and a plunging neckline. He pulled her into the group with Nox and continued dancing.

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