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The resident wizard
<dt>Message to Nox</dt>
<dd> </dd>

Yah, not going to Dorian's. I'm not that dumb. What do you mean 'underground tunnels'?
Only darkness shows you the light.

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Nox sent a reply. "This should help"

Attached was a mapping app and the map of the city and the first layer of the underground tunnels. Including all known entrances.
Jared shrugged. He was new to Moscow. Emily might know a place, but asking her seemed liked betraying Jay's trust. Emily would likely ask why he needed a secret place to meet with someone.

"I really have no ideas Jay,"

Jay it seemed like had made a friend too. He was at least texting back and forth to someone. Perhaps he had found somewhere.

"Got a place?"
The hell was that?

He opened the program provided by Nox, and a holo-grid of the city projected into the air. The primary landmarks were grayed out and hovering at various points were bright red pins. He tagged one, forced it to expand, and a detailed layout of the area, including attachments with descriptions, warnings, and intel on area security footage all appeared before their eyes.

"Ever see anything like this?"
He asked of Vanders as a few swipes put the holo-grid back to default mode. Yellow tubes snaked under the map of roads like they were a map to an entirely different city.

"Some sort of undercity. Seems legit,"
he added, feeling as though the sickness from before had passed. Maybe he was finally getting over that hangover. This undercity sounded rather deserted, and thus private, but it sounded like a bad idea.

Which was exactly why they were likely to go there.

Only darkness shows you the light.

Jared took a look at the map application. Underground cities weren't exactly a new thing, so Jared had of course seen something similar. Unless of course, Jay was referring to the application itself. Mapping software also wasn't new, and Jared as a computer geek had written several himself.

"Looks like a standard underground city,"
he said, manipulating the map to zoom in on some of the tunnels. "Likely there are some people down there, but they would mostly keep to themselves, however, they might not."

Jared was armed, he always was with magic, but he also usually had a firearm as well. Jay was a soldier and thus should be armed as well. "You're armed, I take it. Might be a good idea - I doubt there are many dangers, but it never hurts to be prepared..."

His voice trailed off as he looked at one of the notations.

"Rogarou Nest: Cleared by E. Andersen"

Rougarou - a term that Jared was familiar with. Being a nerd had it's advantages. But they were myths weren't they? Then again...if magic existed...

"In fact - I'd assume there are dangers down there."
Jared moved his head cracking his neck. "Who is your friend?"

Jay looked at Jared like he was nuts. Standard underground city? What the hell did that mean? The only thing under the ground in Iowa were graves. And it wasn't like the marines sent him on a lot of spelunking under Cape Town or Bogota.

The more that Jared went on, Jay wasn't sure this was a good idea after all. Of course he was armed, apparently it was good thing he was. He did need somewhere to practice that the Legion wouldn't find out. This underground city business may also be a little more inticing a curiosity than it ought to be, for a sane man anyway.

He offered to share the app with Jared, which sent along the info from the one that sent it to him in the first place. "His name is Nox. Met him at the concert. He's the one that told me about the wizarding potential."
He rubbed the back of his neck as he answered, wishing he'd not said anything about the concert. Jared hadn't gone, maybe things would have turned out differently if he had been there. Come to think of it, he didn't even know Nox's last name.

"Looks like you know a thing or two about underworlds. You lead the way, soldier."
He clapped him on the back, glad that the fog of the hangover seemed to have lifted. "I'm sure the Father will be glad we're gone. I don't blame him."

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Only darkness shows you the light.

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