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Elyse watched Sage, trying to gauge his body language. He was upset and rightfully so. He had lost everything. Nox came up and pulled her close. That warmed her own heart. Despite everything, she still felt cared for. Mom had said she loved her, but Elsa Andersen still didn't understand.

She smiled to herself as Nox spoke to his friend, echoing her own words, and mumbling about hitting an oni at nine paces. Video games were different than real life. Elyse herself didn't play them much, but they could be fun. If they had to go up, she'd play for a bit.

Sage agreed, although he hesitated and picked up a ball. It was clear his hand pained him. It was a lesson he would learn quickly hopefully. Elyse followed suit and picked up a ball, surprised at how light it was. She took aim at Nox and fired with a smile. It would be fun.
Nox grinned as Sage turned around and grasped the ball painfully in his hand, he was game at least for the next 30 minutes. Nox threw up a wall of air around the room to keep most of the things safe from harm. Last thing he wanted was something broken he couldn't afford. Nox had the ultimate plan of making this as difficult as possible, but Sage nor Elyse gave him time to enact it or relay the rules. Sage's declaration of quitting made Nox laugh. He wasn't going to throwing balls at anyone, at least he didn't think there would be enough time to do so.

Nox caught the first ball Sage threw and gently rolled it back to the hacker. Elyse's ball hit him in the shoulder and it bounced helplessly to the floor and Nox kicked it back to her. "Give me a second."

Nox took position near the back of the wall opposite of his attackers. His objected to see how many things he could do at one time while defending himself. That was easier than trying to fight back right now. Eventually he'd work up to that. So weave number 1 - wall of air around the room.

Weave #2 would be to defend himself - no walls of air - at most spirit to slice through the tied off weaves.

Weave #3 would be creating additional balls for the playing field.

If he could manage it Weave #4 to also defend himself one against each of them, but he wasn't sure he could muster that many at one time - or think that fast.

Nox took a deep breath and nodded. "Alright I'm ready."

Elyse and Sage started throwing balls. They moved around picking up the air and earth balls and throwing them at him. The first three Nox managed to slice with ease and created three air and earth balls to replace them. They were taking it easy on him and he knew from the look in Sage's eye he was going to get mean. The balls started to come in faster repetitions and Nox watched as a few sailed past him and he was able to create additional balls while they did. A few came barreling at his end with a guilty look from both parties that he had to duck from . Yeah, Thanks, Nox thought.

Nox mixed up the balls with air and water, air and earth and even a few glowing orbs. It was mentally taxing defending, maintaining and creating additional balls. Nox could feel the sweat dripping down his forehead and his back from the physical stress on his body. He wasn't physically working hard, but the power inside him didn't care it was still just as taxing.

Time passed at clips and Nox really had no idea how long they played the short game. The tireder he became the more the balls started to hit their mark until the power winked out of pure exhaustion and Nox bent over to catch his breath with his hands on his knees. Through gasps of air Nox was able to get out "I'm done,"
just as two balls hit him in near succession.
Sage watched as Nox caught his ball and he felt slightly defeated as the other man rolled the ball safely back towards him. At least he was sincere when he said he had no intentions of throwing balls back at them. Sage didn't quite understand the exercise Nox was trying to do.

It wasn't until they really started that Sage started to understand. Once he was ready Nox sliced through the ball with a wave of his hand. Sage couldn't see anything other than the ball pretty much just disappeared. A few more balls formed at his and Elyse's feat and Sage thought he understood - he was taxing whatever his ability was.

What Sage wouldn't give to see what Nox saw - to understand the power that his friend was slinging with ease. He wouldn't make it easy on him. Sage's hand hurt like a mother f.... but he pushed through it. It moved freely, nothing felt broken and soon Sage became numb to it.

30 minutes passed and Nox was sweating, yet he hadn't really done much moving. It was all hand waving and arm gestures when he wasn't dodging or ducking out of the way it was hardly strenuous by any standards. Sage's arm was numb from the pain, his grip was weak and Nox still looked far worse than he felt. Sage had to push away the thoughts that crept into his mind looking at Nox's wet shirt and hair line.

Despite his initial reaction it was actually enjoyable. Another 30 minutes passed. Sage was either getting better - or Nox was getting worse. The other man was out of breath and the sweat soaked his shirt. Sage wound up for another throw when Nox called out he was done. Sage's ball bounced off the man's side where he'd thrown it and Sage felt bad - Nox looked worn out. Sage headed for the stairs to grab two glasses of water on the stairs. He hadn't even noticed Christian slipping downstairs with refreshments.

Sage handed one of the glasses to Nox and held the other out for Elyse. He just then realized that there was no more wall. Sage asked. "So if someone attacked you right now, your power is gone?"

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Dane was top of her mind. The plans they made. The darkness dripped from her soul, but she smiled happily as she knocked on the door of Dorian Vega's mansion. Nox was in there - she felt his distinct presence pop into existence almost the moment she stepped onto the threshold of the front stoop. Dane wanted to kill him. Aria wanted to watch them fight - to see which philosophy would win out in the end. But it would likely be a matter of pure strength of will. Who was dirtier, who was stronger. Aria wanted to know, but she had a deeper concern for her friend. Neither of them had been hunted. The Regus was no where to be found. Very little information flowed from the Atharim about the whereabouts of their glorious leader. Aria was searching everywhere that surveillance could lead and nothing. They had an easier time of tracking down hackers than Aria had of finding the Regus - a mere man with a god complex. It was ironic.

I am wearing a button down long sleeved shirt and a pair of slacks answered the door. He asked, "Can I help you?"

Aria gave the man a small smile and touched his hand on the door jab barring her entrance. She sent a tendril of emotions through him and he shivered. Aria smile grew wider. "I need to see Nox. I'll wait here for you to fetch him."
He clearly wasn't going to let her in, and Nox might be mad if she manipulated his friends too much.

"Who is calling on him?"

Aria laughed. "I'm not calling on him. Tell him a girl with a sword seeks an audience with his godhood."
Aria could hear Nox choking on the sarcasm.

But the man stared at her with a frown. "You must be Aria." He moved aside and waved her in. Once inside he lead her to a room. "You can wait for Nox in the study. He's busy at the moment I'll see if he's free."

Aria looked around the so-called study. Books lined the shelves and there were couches and a desk in the room. Aria perused Dorian's books starting at the entrance of the study and worked her way in while she waited. Aria saw classics mostly - she wasn't exactly sure what to expect of a rich Atharim playboy.

(( OOC: you can have Christian interrupt them if you like or wait till Nox's turn, totally up to you ))
Sage was concerned about them. Nox was still panting but he lifted his hand and a small flame winked into existance and then he let it go. "I can manage if my life depends on it."
Nox stood back upright and grinned at Sage. "And I'm not in any mortal danger am I?"

Christian came down the stairs chuckling. "I don't know if you are in danger from your hacker friend, but there is a girl upstairs who wants to see you. She said, and I quote. Tell him a girl with a sword seeks an audience with his godhood"

Nox laughed. "Short, stunning green eyes, fierce look."

Christian nodded. "I assume this is Ms. Aria. I let her into the study."

Nox grinned and tried not to be too eager. Aria was safe. She was here. He forgot about his friends. Aria was safe. He took the stairs two at a time his tiredness washing away as he went up. Aria was safe.

Upstairs in the study a girl very unlike Aria stood scanning the books. She wore black dress pants and a button down shirt. He grinned, she looked different. He cleared his throat and she turned around with a half smile. "You are glad to see me."

Nox smiled. "You are safe."

"We have a lot to talk about."

"Hungry. I'll make us something."
He'd make more than that but he headed towards the kitchen and he knew Aria would follow him. They had a lot to talk about...

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