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Pawns in the game

Dull white of bone. The edges of carvings embossed on sleek antlers. Ornate images of vessels carved from walrus tusks and capped with bronze. Horns.

Tastes flickered across his tongue next. Mead and beer. Honey. Fish. The wind slapping his face with salty cold air.

Scrimshaw was a word Jaxen swore he'd never heard before, but his mind filled with images, sensations rippled across his skin faster than lightning charging up the night sky and burning his retinas with the after image of white claws.


Jaxen stared down at Manix, blinking as the past flickered and poured from his conscience like water poured through his palm.

He knew exactly what Manix described: the library in the Atharim Baccarat headquarters. Jaxen had been inside it once, seen just enough to get the taste on his lips only to be denied a drink.

He didn't care about fairy tales or scrimshaws, despite the imagery conjured by the word. He did care about the victory torn from his grasp. Mysteries and knowledge dangled but out of reach. There was one problem. His hacker alter-ego, Voxel, was discovered and dismantled by his father and brother. His collection of antiques, including the Narwal tusk, was confiscated. He was lucky to salvage his high-tech computer work station. That meant he had to get access to the Atharim servers the old fashioned way:

in person.

"Alright. I'm in. But I need funding. We're not talking about breaking into a bank vault or museum here. We're talking about their headquarters. The Atharim headquarters."

The voice of their consultant turned mercenary John White filled his head. There were few people that could actually intimidate Jaxen, but White was one of them. He had to make sure the man was far away from the mansion before Jaxen tried to get inside again. White would shoot him without a second thought. He'd been warned as much.

"And I'll need some time to plan it too."
He smirked, "At least a day or two. These things take time." Most minds might need weeks or months, but for Jaxen, forty-eight hours would suffice. He would devote every waking moment to the challenge. He had another advantage this time too. The power of the Ancients coursed his limbs and thanks to Manix, could alter his appearance.

"You need to teach me how you changed your face too. A disguise is integral. They know my face there; facial recognition software will trigger alarms before I can get in the front door."

The two men stood facing each other, and for now Oriena was all but forgotten. Women were powerful distractions, but the thrill of thievery was just as much fun.

To illustrate his point, Jaxen seized the Ancient power and drew it into himself. With a blissful smirk drawn on his lips, he glanced at Oriena. "Might as well come with me? Breaking into their building sound like a good first date?"

((ooc: this thred takes place after the ccd announcement but before the red square demonstration. i intend to break in to the atharim hq during the monument construction while regus and crew are out of the building and going after Ascendancy.))

"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
(( They are still in the building during the demonstration. The Regus, Martin and Aria will be gone afterwards, the plan is to attack after the demonstration while Ascendancy is weak - all OOC info here. It all lines up. Just making sure you go after the demo not during. The Atharim are all inside watching the demo then. ))

Edited by Nox, Aug 25 2016, 10:47 AM.
((I know. Simmer down Nox. It'll be ok. I have a plan.))
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
(( I'm glad you have a plan but your statement was flawed, cause they won't be gone during the demo like you said [Image: 18.png] And when have you known me to simmer down?? ))
Manix stood quietly while Jax rattled off his list and was also obviously working-it out in his own mind. There was a few pauses, reflections, Manix shrugged em off, Jaxen's problem not his.

Pulling out a card he handed it to Jaxen: Here, this be an account number, by 10 am tomorrow ur funds will be there. Worry not about expenditures, as long as most of it is necessary.

Flip that card over, that be my.......dwelling, someone you know may be around, the lass has no need to know what is happening.

Shimmering as he weaved small threads of red, brown and blue, around his head, he briefly changed his face to that of an older woman, then quickly back to normal: Need no worry about disguise, come to me before ye go and shall teach ya, if ya be strong enough to do it.

Anything I missed?

((OCC)) I have a home thread or we can slip it in here. Home thread is:
Oriena watched Jaxen's reaction, smirking as she witnessed the hook and snare of challenge. Stupid idea. Stupid risk. Unrivalled thrill. They were famliar lures. But even as she revelled in the strings of the game, the pertinent details made a burrow in her mind. So Scion Marveet had finally cut Jaxen off? He hadn't been frugal with his cash before; she hadn't expected funding, of all things, to be an issue. Not that it was surprising; Jaxen could hardly be tied to daddy's purse strings forever. But it was the word Atharim that really carved a place of interest, hooking and snaring intentions of her own. The glitter of mischief in her eyes darkened to something more sinister.

Carmen still watched from the bar, lips pursing when the two men stood toe to toe, engrossed in all the boring details. From her seat in the booth, Ori shot her a wicked grin, and the woman's face tumbled into a deeper frown, until the blonde bartender put his hand on her wrist and encouraged her away. She worried too much, just like Luka.

Her attention flicked back when she was addressed, eliciting an edge of sultry laughter. "Let's not pretend I'm the type of girl who dates. But you know my feelings on snakes."
Even without her prejudices, there was little that could entice Ori more than the offer of a co-conspirator. It lit a match against her veins, ignited something ancient and primordial in her blood. In that dark fire burned a promise. Her recklessness knew no boundaries in the hedonistic glow. "Of course I'm going with you."
"You say you're a god man. So what? I'm the devil herself"
Alpha ~ Little Destroyer
This time when the ominous cloud of the Ancient Power manifested its presence as Manix wielded it, Jaxen watched what happened with intense focus. Tendrils of light, ever so faintly colored, made a mask of Manix's face. His appearance rippled, then shifted, and for a few moments an ugly-ass woman stood before him. Or the face of one was perched on Manix's lean, masculine body. It was hella disturbing.

"Don't do that again!"

He laughed and Manix returned to his previous form. The tendrils disappeared. With one hand, Jaxen accepted the credit card, and with another, he offered to shake on their new accord.

The dwelling was in an odd area of town, along the river, but that was all Jaxen knew about the location. "I'll be there tomorrow."

He plopped back to the cushions after that, and eyed Oriena. With her on hand, his chances at success dramatically increased.

"Maybe we will find you a nice bauble or tiera or something."

Her reference for the snakes brought back pleasant memories: her fingers trailing the tattoo of a snake skeleton on his shoulder for one. "Unless you're just in it to collect fossils."
She did have a thing for dead snakes.
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
Laughing while taking Jax's hand: Un-nerving that be, aye. Tomorrow, I will show u again. I'd like to hear ur plan so if there are any more tricks I know that might help you.

The goosebumps on his arms came back, a cold chill, like someone walked on his grave. I thought skeeter-ed across his mind but he couldn't catch it. Looking to Ori and making sure his voice and language was precise: Beautiful, solid as stone, jaded and spurned. Just guesses but you have added a slight thrill to my mundane life
, Bows. Normal brogue: Maybe i'll see ye again, I have need of a pub and I like ur redhead, tho I shan't pay the price for the ride.
. The thought remained at the edge of his mind.

He was a lil surprised by the lack of reaction of the funding. His normal "ship deck" dress didn't pinpoint him as wealthy, even as Captain. They must be so used to money that they dont care. He was now the Patron' of 2, 2 is easy enough and won't strain the family back home.

If ye no be needing me, I shall leave you two alone.

Edited by Manix, Aug 26 2016, 12:27 PM.
The strange compliments (as she took them to be) unmoved her. A slight thrill? Ori reclined languidly in her seat, propped her elbow against the backrest, and rested her head on her fist. One slender brow rose. "I wouldn't mention a price or a ride to her if you're hoping to get lucky, Manix. This isn't a brothel."
She didn't bother to mention that her employees were not supposed to indulge the clientele. That rule had served its purpose, and though it had never been rescinded from the contracts, neither did she enforce it. Perhaps Carmen did; Oriena didn't actually know. Or care.

Jaxen sat back down. Close enough, this time, to waft the allure of his aftershave. Oriena's gaze took a languorous tour of his body, a sly smirk pricking her lips. She'd expected the new challenge to heat his heels out the door. Not that she was complaining of his company. "The only good snake is a dead one."
She repeated the old words like a mantra, a taste of vitriol on her tongue. Of course, if he really wanted to know her intentions, he'd have to ask. The answer would be a fluid one, though; Ori was in it for the ride. The thrill. And whatever opportunity might be grasped along the way. Materialistic lures were not part of her obsessions.

She leaned in. "Maybe we'll find you some pretty trinkets. Seems you could use the cash?"
The accusation was softened with the whisper of breath against his ear, chased by husky laughter. The playfulness had an edge of cruelty; that was rote with Ori. She expected he'd find some excuse to leave rather than retaliate.
"You say you're a god man. So what? I'm the devil herself"
Alpha ~ Little Destroyer
Jax we continue here

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