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FA Prophecies
I thought Rune saw ghosts or something. Maybe that was Claire. can't remember them all.

according to trano's list, Noah Crows Eye and Camila were prophets too.

I don't think it would help Tristan's character, but I have to ponder this. I do have grand plans for "Fenrir reborn" king of the wolves *wink wink. But I tend to find prophecy stuff difficult to write as it involves moding other people, therefore requires a lot of pre-planning and arrangements. I'll think about it.
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
There have been other prophet characters. Regus's list is only supposed to list those who are currently active on FA.

You don't necessarily have to mode, but you do need to have OOC knowledge of what is likely to happen in the future (Thalia has recently drawn the Ijiraq queen, because I know she will come up again even if I don't know the context). But that's what a list of prophetic imagery is useful for. In terms of dreamers, I think they only saw possible futures anyway.
Elyse saw several in a thread - it was the cause of her nightmares when she was with Nox.
Sounds like a bunch of superstitious nonsense if you ask me. *wink*
Just posted it a little while ago, but here's another to add to the master post.

Click here for the prophecy.

Black and white twin flames create a land of blood that turns into a fertile valley. The flames collide and create a golden sparks, a red sun rising. Two female silhouettes approach from the horizon, one holding a cauldron, one holding a crown aloft. An ox, a lamb, a raven, and a badger accompany the woman. The world shakes with every step they take. - Rowan (speaking with Valeriya and Regus)

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Siobhan had a wolf-dream concerning Aiden, Sage, and Jaxen.

(The following is the wolf-dream as she experienced it before her reunion with Aiden and meeting Sage.)

A great cavern stretched across the sky of the world of dreams, Ebony and the six other wolves howled loudly as the ethereal clouds transformed into figures and rocks. 

Across the sky, a long, sinuous figure emerged from the shadows, revealing the neck and head of a beast that resembled a black-colored dragon, the rest of its form hidden by the shadows of the cavern behind it... At least it looked to be a dragon. The beast roared a terrible sound and snapped its large jaws out into the air. It's maw clapping, riling, and bitting at Aiden and his two compatriots. He and one of the others started flinging flames at the beast, but it did nothing to the fearsome monster. They threw other elements at it, even trying to use guns and swords on the thing, but nothing seemed to penetrate its flesh. The third member of the band lurked in the shadows, shouting out unintelligible words to Aiden and the second man. They nodded to him and began to pool together their magic to fight the dragon.

The vision in the sky split into two.

On the left-hand side, the vision showed Aiden and the second man flinging more and more magic at the dragon, but to no avail. The beast fought against them, ignoring their projectiles, eventually catching both men in its jaw, devouring the pair without ceremony. The third man was quickly snapped up after Aiden and the other met an untimely end. The wolves cried out in sorrow.

On the right-hand side, the vision showed Aiden and the second man using their magic to distract the beast, ultimately running over to it and taking hold of some strange bracelets hanging from the beast's neck. A black metal collar hung from the beast's neck, the two bracelets were connected to the collar. As soon as Aiden and the other took hold of the bracelets, the beast exploded in a shimmering blast of color and light. A flaming spear sat in the place of the beast and Aiden claimed the weapon with a triumphant look. The second man looked on with jealousy. Aiden and the other two lived. A road emerged from the shadows, a glittering sword at its end. The three men took off on the road, Aiden carrying the flaming spear with a look of sheer joy on his face.

"We are the sisters of the Moon." - Siobhan's hit single, 'Silver Skans'

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