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A Blind Eye
Who are we waiting on? If its me, uhh, well, I'll try and work on a post today.

I blame Hood.
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
Jaxen +
Loki +
+ Jole +
Maybe its Yuri's fault. I think we are past the point of turns with so many characters, in any event i haven't come up with any genius insight with Brandon crashing the party so go for it.
Hello all. Is everyone still going with this thread?
Spectra, blame Hood. The slacker. *grin
Sorry, probably my fault. Should get to posting next week, but no need to wait on me if you guys want to carry on; I'll catch up.
"You say you're a godman. So what? 
I'm the devil herself"
Alpha ~ Little Destroyer
[Image: orianderis.jpg]
I think we should take all the characters in Blind Eye and pitch a new soap opera to ABC called "As the Wheel Turns."
I'm going to bow out of Blind Eye soon. Any interest in doing another thread?
I think Hood's being dragged off to do the whole 'hunt and kill Jaxen thing' for the Atharim soon, so not sure if he can come out and play right now.

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