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Dane tuned out the two women as they bantered back and forth. His gaze roamed the remaining citizens to be seen. Some people had emerged from the cafe to investigate the noise and rumbles beneath their floor. A man and a woman exchanged quiet words, but Dane didn't hear what was said. Judging by the darkness pulling their brows low, they weren't happy about the spikes in the sidewalk. They recognized Dane, immediately, though, as having just been their patron. The two women they flashed suspicious gazes. One pulled a Wallet and started dialing. Police, probably.

"We should leave. I don't care to spend my afternoon visiting a police station to deliver a statement."
She didn't know her. That was a relief, but it felt like she knew here. But they both agreed that they wanted to leave too. She wanted to know more. But the last time she'd gone off with strangers she'd ended up in a club that wasn't exactly her thing. She smiled at both of them and nodded. "I don't fancy that either."

She looked up the street. Then back at Thalia. "I'm a Ilesha. I don't want to interrupt you and your friend, but I'd like to talk - figure out why I feel like I know you. There is a bound to be a coffee shop nearby that we can escape to at least to exchange information while removing ourselves from here."
She really didn't want to be questioned.
Dane's gaze flattened while Illesha spoke. Something in her voice made him want to put his hands over his ears. She was pretty, but annoying, like a yappy Pomeranian. She had pretty, dark skin and soft sheen to her hair. Her appearance reminded him of that dead whore in Mexico, the first one that he, well,--

--and he let his mind drift into memory.

His gaze slipped back to Illesha.

He let the two women walk ahead of him a step, leading him where they wanted him to go. A coffee shop would suffice. They chat about something that he didn't bother to eavesdrop.

While he watched the way her hair swayed with every step, he contemplated how he was going to get her alone.

In her habitual happy go lucky way, Thalia was happy to relocate. She knew the area and led the way to a place a couple of streets over, chatting amiably along the way. She told Illesha she was an artist, that she had met Dane once on a tube journey, and that if Illesha was a tourist she was quite happy to show her around to the popular spots.
"A river is water in its loveliest form; rivers have life and sound and movement and infinity of variation, rivers are veins of the earth through which the lifeblood returns to the heart."
Roderick Haig-Brown
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Dane was relatively quiet during the remainder of their cafe-interactions with each other. He was lounged back in his seat, knees crossed, and sipped a mediocre tea. The girls mostly spoke with each other, with polite offerings to include him in the conversation.

He couldn't decide between them. Both were lovely in different ways. Thalia seemed the most naive, and therefore, likely the easier target. But Illesha's dark hair was captivating.

In the end, he decided neither of them would fulfill the desire within. Only one woman would do that. He bid both goodbye and departed on good terms.

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