The First Age

We all know something sleeps within humanity.  We eat up the legends: vampires, werewolves, superheroes.  We seek in dark theaters and we pour through boring tomes; and we secretly wonder if some sliver of the stories is real.  Legends are based on myth after all, and we don’t realize their origins have faded into time.

But time is not a black wasteland of questions. 

Time is a wheel


Fawns of both genders were devised by a mind with a insatiable lust for art and beauty.  They are stunning creatures at rest, but when they dance, it is breathtaking.  Today's fawns are long diluted in majesty from that of their ancestors, but occasionally, a miraculous child is born under the perfect combination of events.  The greatest dancers cultivated by the Imperial School of Ballet in St. Petersburg were all most likely fawns.