It seems everyone these days is coming up with Comic Book names, but in the case of Dane Gregory, we have the symbol of a super villain: a Mockingbird! DUN DUN DUN

The Mockingbird has struck famous landmarks all across Europe.  From blowing up the famous London’s Tower Bridge to raining down fiery comets upon Belgrade’s club-district, and although Mockingbird leaves a calling card behind, a hand-painted bird, police have no leads. 

Mockingbird’s most recent attacks have been in Moscow, crushing schoolchildren at the university planetarium and most recently, poisoning the audience of a magic show.  

Although his victims appear to be chosen at random, it seems Mockingbird likes the stage, and wants the world to know who he is.  He is quickly climbing the Custody’s high-profile Wanted List. 

The Mockingbird’s song has been heard at targets described here

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