An update to the continuing series on the RP in Tech blog!

So far we have seen widely available Wallet, instant security-grade DNA readers, and the military-operated Land Warrior.  Our writers have been busy inventing all kinds of tech for characters to operate.  Here are a few more examples:

Lens Warriors

We’ve all heard of the Land Warriors, originally described as a set of glasses worn by Hood, most commonly worn by special forces.  They are operated by biofeedback by recognizing blink-commands.  The Lens Warriors operate in a more limited, but similar fashion, as they are worn as contact lenses rather than full glasses.  This cutting edge technology is available only to clandestine groups, and have been described by double-agent Julie Reed as both recording and recognition devices. 

Retinal Implant

This biofeedback device is surgically implanted into the retina as a viewing option for information stored in titanium chips integrated somewhere on the user’s body.  This technology is available only as an experimental surgical procedure.  

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