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NEW and improved forum tips and tricks
The new and improved forum tips and tricks thread (since we have changed forums from our original home)

Account Switcher: Perfect for those with multiple characters. Head to 'User CP' and find 'Account Switcher' in the bottom left. Enter the username and password of the account(s) you would like to connect. Please be aware that this information is public, so if you have characters you would not like to be known make sure you select 'Hide this User on attached accounts list'. Once you're connected there are multiple ways to switch between accounts - in the grey User CP bar at the top of the main screen, by each account's associated posts, and in the three bar menu in the top left.

You can also easily change a post's author (before or after posting). If you post the wrong account in error, make sure you are in that character's account and then use the blue drop down arrow next to your name on the specific post you want to change. It will allow you to change it to any of your connected accounts.

NOTE that if you switch accounts while in the posting box it will WIPE anything you've already written and you'll have to start again.

Who's Who: You can find a stickied Who's Who thread on the General Discussion board. You can also quickly view all attached accounts by clicking the "account search" icon at the top of the page.

PMing/replying to multiple users: You are able to address PMs to more than one member (perfect for plotting), however please be aware that if you use the "quick reply" feature it will ONLY reply to the member who sent the PM, and not the others originally copied in. If you wish to reply to everyone, you need to select "reply all" to do this.
Great post Thalia!

I want to remind everyone that our Post Blog has been updated. Unlike the Mythos blog which describes monsters, legends, and other worldbuilding content to our site, setting and story, the Plot Blog is a place which will talk about plots you guys are involved in as well as other relevant IC (in character) events.

For instance, the most recent Plog Blog post was titled: Envisioning Tech in 2045.

<dd> </dd>
RP'ers can think up some exciting and downright scary visions when it comes to the future of technology. Here are a few examples of Tech our members have invented....

If you do not want to constantly remember to check back to this page, you can follow us on Twitter and/or facebook. I regularly post updates on these two social media sites regarding such things as blog posts (Plot &amp; Mythos), introducing new members, highlighting threads, and general waxing eloquent about cool stuff ---- did you guys hear about Chupakabra attack in North Carolina???


Twitter @The1stAge

Just a note to say this thread has been updated now we've migrated to a new forum. Add your tips and tricks here!
Edited original post to include replying to multiple recipient PMs. If you want to reply to everyone, use the "reply all" button and not quick reply. Using quick reply only sends to the account who sent the PM.

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