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For a split second after she'd asked, she wondered if it had been inappropriate to do so -- he clearly wore contacts for a reason -- but when he agreed easily, the concern flew out of her mind. Thalia wasn't shy about looking, and she even leaned inwards, gaze wide and guileless. An artist's eye absorbed the colours; the glittering shift of gold and yellow blazing brilliant in the warmth of the day. They looked like wolf eyes. And Calvin looked far happier as his natural self.

She smiled; the first proper one of the day. Maybe even the week! "They are beautiful,"
she agreed. "Why do you hide them?"
To blend in, she assumed, but people in Moscow had stranger ideas about fashion. Most would think his gold eyes the contacts.
She supposed she could understand not wanting to answer questions; some people reacted badly to strangeness, but it still seemed a shame to have to hide away. How many more seemingly ordinary people buried such secrets? It was comforting, in a way, to know that she was not alone. Her brows knit together, puzzled by what he said next. "Atharim? Why wouldn't they approve?"

Calvin smirked. "They don't seem to like those who aren't 'normal,'"
he said simply.

There was more to it than that, but the last thing Calvin wanted to do was scare Thalia. He was fine. He knew that, but Calvin also knew that things could change for him quickly.

"My kind are also dangerous. Well - we can be. Being wolfkin in itself isn't dangerous, but without knowing how to handle it, we can easily fall into...well...werewolves are based off of my kind."

Thalia deserved the truth at the very least. "Don't worry - I'm okay."

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He spoke like she should know what he was talking about, but she didn't enlighten him to the the extent of her ignorance. She hadn't been following the newsfeeds -- wouldn't have even known about the registrations if not for her sister, and as such she didn't extrapolate that the threat might extend to her. Didn't even consider there was a threat to begin with. Atharim. The word rolled around in her head, but she didn't pursue the question.

"Werewolf, huh?"
Aylin always said she didn't have enough sense in her skull to feel fear. That wasn't true -- she understood that more now than she ever had, the memories of just how long this feeling of light had plagued her still an unwelcome shadow at the edge of her mind. But things would be different now. She didn't dwell on the future.

Thalia nudged him with her shoulder. "Hey, if you trust me not to blow you up, I trust you not to go full wolf man on me."
She grinned, choosing to find lightness and trust in the seriousness of his warning, and shifted to offer her hand. "Deal?"
Calvin chuckled. "I believe that is an agreeable deal."

Calvin shook her hand. He was told that he would be fine if he remembered who he was, and Thalia it appeared had someone who would help her find out to control what she could do.

"Hey - if you need anything, call okay? I'm here for you."
he offered. "Anything else going on?"

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