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It had been several weeks and Nox had absolutely NO idea why he'd come from the United States to Moscow. His wallet had contacts he didn't remember. He hadn't bothered to call any of them. He wanted to figure this out on his own, or at least try to. But so far he'd found nothing. Even the information in his wallet was cryptic, he expected it was encrypted with some code but he had no clue how to decipher it.

It didn't help that he was already paranoid about his abrupt departure from the crashing plane. Everything was a mess, he couldn't remember anything from before waking up in the hospital. He wasn't even sure his name was Nox Durante. If he was paranoid enough to encrypt his phone's contents, surely he wasn't traveling under his real name. But that was all he had going for him.

There was one name on his contact list that he kept feeling like he needed to call. This Aurora. But he never could make the call. He almost had several times. He wondered who she was and why the name drew him like it did. But his paranoia kept him from making that call.

Unable to any answers Nox sought better company. The bottle was hardly a friend, but it was a comfort none-the-less. The bar he'd chosen was nothing special, but so far the service had been good, the waitress' pretty, and the beer cold. It was all that really mattered.

Nox had watched the last pair come in. They didn't seem like a couple, though from the way the man moved he was hoping for some action. Nox wasn't good at reading people, but they didn't look like a couple even on a date, it was something more sinister he was sure of it. Why he was, he didn't quite know. But he felt it deep down.

They spoke in hushed whispers and Nox wished to hear what they said. But he was too far away and moving closer would just be awkward. He'd watch and wait.They

Then all of a sudden, there was this presence, like pure hatred, a real menace erupted from the man. It called to him too, but for the life of him Nox had no idea what it was calling, but he felt the tug none-the-less.

Nox stood up beer in his hand. He put on his best smile and pulled his leather jacket close around him. The woman might not need his assistance, but that man was dangerous, he could feel it in his gut. He walked over to them and put his arm around the woman. "And my what a goddess she is."
The word hit a chord but the memory was fleeting. It was just a book, something old and dusty and something he hadn't been interested in then, but now, today, he was. If only he could remember. "Is this man bothering you?"
It took a while, but realisation finally seemed to dawn. Giovanni's expression shifted, or maybe just hardened. He reclaimed the cold confidence of before, clouded this time by the oppressive menace of the betrayed. It was an appropriate time to feel fear, but all she actually experienced was the keen blade of risk. And it thrilled her, the added dimension; enough that she watched unresisting as he made the call on his Wallet. Her chin sunk onto her closed fist, still nursing the glass in her other palm. The smile on her lips was treacherous. Minimal effort could have knocked the device from his grasp. Or wrapped his throat until the words choked. She did nothing.

Ori had no prints at the scene. Real concern at his actions was fleeting, but she appreciated the retaliation for its ruthlessness. The game enlivened her - an effortless win robbed the sweetness of victory - which was perhaps why she chose not to interfere. Giovanni thought he shucked her chains when he removed her leverage, and she didn't disabuse him. She even answered his question. "Divine."
No hesitation marred the reply, but the honesty was steeped in misdirection. A playful smile, dark-rimmed lashes shielding a glimpse into chaos. She meant both - as a woman in control of her own sensuality, and as one of the gifted. He could read either from her answer and he would not be wrong.

His contempt was the only thing that scratched a little irritation into her fun. Why was he so bothered? She used his own weakness against him because he offered out his neck, a blind sacrifice, and a willing one on every visceral level. Lack of control was his own fault. She thought his threat entirely unwarranted, but her reaction hung in a balance. Friend or foe, it was a minuscule distinction. Giovanni still toed the wire. "Though you're a very poor disciple."

She had more to add, but was interrupted by an arm curled around her shoulders.

If Ori was annoyed at the intrusion it only flashed briefly in her eyes before they turned to assess the stranger. A leather-clad shoulder. A young face. Dark hair. She had no idea what had brought him over, but the possession of that draped, uninvited arm rankled. She belonged to no-one. Other circumstances might have provoked retaliation to the obnoxious overture, but, of course, the game being what it was, her sly gaze returned instead to Giovanni. If he took the opportunity to walk away, he would be an abject disappointment. "What makes you think so?"
"You say you're a godman. So what? 
I'm the devil herself"
Alpha ~ Little Destroyer
[Image: orianderis.jpg]
Nox could tell she wasn't enthusiastic about his arm around her shoulders, his grin widened and he didn't remove it. But she made no attempts to move it either, opting to instead turn her gaze upon the man with her. "What makes you think so?"

Nox smiled. "Just a terrible feeling I had, that this man was causing you some grief."
He chuckled. "And I can't on my honor let that happen, not to a lovely lady like yourself."

Nox set his now empty beer bottle on the table between the two seated, and waved over the waitress for another round for all. He took a seat, he didn't care if he was invited or not. He had invited himself the moment the man pulled at whatever it was inside him. That feeling of menace was ever present. He wasn't about to leave this woman with this man. "Not that you are incapable of protecting yourself, Duckling, but just in case."
Regardless of the fact that she pissed him off, Giovanni continued to find himself intrigued by Oriena. The word divine was an interesting response. She didn't deny she had god powers, but neither did she confirm it. She had called him a poor disciple and it had pissed him off more, but added to the tension. Giovanni was finding the tension quite enjoyable.

A newcomer approached. The man draped his arm around Oriena and Giovanni saw the brief irritation in her eyes. The boy tried to be "honorable" and flirtatious. The word duckling almost made Giovanni laugh and he was curious at what Oriena's response would be to the man.

It was strange though. Giovanni felt something around this man - it was a sort of familiarity - as if they had met before. Giovanni hadn't recalled the man's face and the man's accent spoke of America - it reminded him a little of Jensen's accent.

He wasn't that much younger than Giovanni, but Giovanni felt himself as better than him and so thought of him as a boy. The boy pissed him off too by sitting down uninvited, and it was only the sense of familiarity that kept him from showing it.

Giovanni set the glass of rum down. He was done drinking and needed to think clearly. Oriena and him were still in whatever game they were playing. She clearly thought herself better than him - calling a god a disciple - the fucking bitch. He began to wonder what her true motives were.

The boy clearly didn't care that he hadn't been invited and took a seat, ordering another round. Giovanni didn't want it and wouldn't drink it. Giovanni wondered at what tipped the man off that he was dangerous. Giovanni really didn't intend to hurt Oriena, even though he could if he wanted to. He was drawn to her as well - her way of approaching things was intriguing. He had never met a more interesting woman. It would be a shame to have to bring her to harm - but God help her if she stood in his way.

Giovanni turned to the boy, his expression blank, "What do you want, boy?"
The last word came out, but it wasn't in English. It had the hint of Arabic that he remembered from when he had spoken to the Atharim that had attacked him and Michael.

((the word was spoken in Ancient Egyptian))

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"What do you want..."
Gibberish followed the purely aggressive words, but there was no emotion attached to them. The look the other man gave him made Nox laugh. He thought he was being threatening how cute. Nox didn't fear much, it was a very distinct feeling he had.

Nox took a long swallow of the beer the waitress had brought him. It was a horrid brand, but it was wet and cold and got the job done. Nox took his time answering the question, he was not afraid of this man, menacing presence or not. That presence was the reason why he was here, the woman was only an excuse. He didn't care what it was, but he was sure it meant something to him, maybe his memories would come back if the feeling was familiar.

"I want nothing from you Jack. You might want to speak English a bit better too."
He turned to the woman with a sweet smile. "I don't think he likes me much."
Nox offered the woman his hand. "Nox. Or so they tell me."

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The American made himself at home. Brash. Arrogant. And he called her duckling. She supposed some might find that charming - the devil-may-care grin, the chivalry - but Ori found it vaguely dismissive. His excuses washed weak. But his demanding attitude she liked. "And if it's the other way around, will you - on your honour - protect him, from me?"
Her words were dry, the spark in her eyes a challenge. Her gaze drifted to Giovanni, and the sharpness of her smile cut errantly mischievous.

Giovanni's reaction to the intruding mortal was hostile, but he showed no outward signs of jealousy. If he had been docile before, now his personality receded to something far darker. Of the two she knew which she preferred, and his changeability made him deliciously pliable. Had she only caught him at a weak moment, or was he really as unstable as she might hope? His eyes bore holes into the newcomer, and his tongue slipped to something she wouldn't have guessed as his native tongue. She didn't know what the word meant, but the way he said it, she guessed at something unpleasant.

Of course, Giovanni's irritation sealed her welcome, whatever her own opinions. She took the offered hand (and the offered drink). "Nox so they tell you? I'm Oriena. Don't take him personally. Giovanni here, he's had a rough day."
"You say you're a godman. So what? 
I'm the devil herself"
Alpha ~ Little Destroyer
[Image: orianderis.jpg]
Nox looked the man across him up and down and grinned, he turned his attention back to the woman. "Are you trying to tell me you are dangerous?"
He laughed. "If a man like him can't defend him self from you Duckling, then he has no right to be living."

Nox ignored her question about his comment. They didn't need to know his lapse of memory. They didn't need to know that he'd fallen from a plane that was about to crash, or that he'd no memory of doing so, or ever even getting on said plane. But one thing was certain, these two were playing a game, in which Nox was happy to join.

She took his hand and Nox lifted it to kiss the back of it. "A pleasure Oriena. I can't imagine such a bad day where as you are in it."
He turned with a sly grin to this Giovanni character. "Tell me Jack, what puts you in such a foul mood?"
Insolent little shit!
Giovanni thought.

Giovanni was pretty much sure that the boy was trying to push his buttons. This Nox fellow was pretty fucking obnoxious. Giovanni had control of his own emotions and power though. He wasn't going to lash out at him...yet. Giovanni decided to drop the power - he could summon it at a whim and it was more tempting to use it while holding it. He would use it when he wished to.

Giovanni returned the boy's smile. "Just haven't been feeling well today,"
Giovanni said. It wasn't a lie - he did start the day in a hospital bed.

He turned back to Oriena. "We were talking about divinity earlier. You have any thoughts on the subject, Nox?"
The menacing presence fled as quickly as it had come. Nox was not going to get any answers... bored now. Oriena was pretty, but she wasn't worth the fight it was to win her from the one who thought he held all the power. The game was fun. But now it was boring.

And the question, was hardly enticing. Divinity. Goddess. Religious folks suck, all those rules and things. Nox shuddered at the thought.

So very bored now. Nox pulled a long swig from the beer. It was almost dry, he'd probably retrieve his own the next time, at the bar, maybe something else of interest would catch his fancy there. But he answered none-the-less, another part of their little game he supposed. Might as well play along. "Divinity. Those god awful sweet fluffys of egg whites. Hate them myself. My grandmother use to make them, and give them out to all our friends and family."
It was a complete lie, his grandmother she didn't bake sweets. Though Nox knew a kid once who was a real dolt of a redneck. His family did that, or so he always seemed to tout on about. Why the fuck can I remember that?

Now Nox knew it wasn't what he'd meant, but that's what made it all the more fun!
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The two men seemed to be rubbing each other up the wrong way. Completely intentionally, though probably moreso on Nox's part than Giovanni's. He just seemed generally fucked off, at the American's intrusion, at Ori - probably at himself, too. "пиндос.*"
She chuckled, pressed her eyes to the ceiling, and it was clear by the slow way she pronounced the slur that she made a point of using her own language. Otherwise she seemed to take Nox's insult in stride. And it was an insult, whether he softened it with a smarmy kiss on the hand and buttered compliments or not.

"Poor lamb."
She grinned over the rim of her glass, apparently amused by Giovanni's frail constitution. The ice clinked as she placed the drink back down, empty, and pulled Nox's offering into her grasp instead. She toyed with the challenge lit brazen in her expression, gave her companions a little time to wonder at the mischief. And worry. "Words are cheap. Why don't you show him a little divinity, Giovanni?"

[[*mild slur for an American, in case anyone wonders or cares =P]]
"You say you're a godman. So what? 
I'm the devil herself"
Alpha ~ Little Destroyer
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