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Mads mikkelson

He was in Rogue One too. Jyn erso. Casini Royal too.

He has the look. But Fain seemed to exude nervous energy. He has a lot quiet energy. Acting tho...
So this was posted on Jud's IG.
Gotta say I love it. Nynaeve is going to need to act for me to see it. Not sure why I am not getting it from just the picture. But the rest seem to have the look down. Egwene, Matt, and Rand look right from the get go. And Perrin, Lan and Moiraine seem like they will do fine.

Cautiously excited.
Anyone tune into wotwednesday today? I'm excited.

Have you seen Gone Girl ck? I think Pike will do more than fine. I really like the casting for Perrin, Rand and Lan, on a visual level anyway. Perrin's actor got a lot of stick for not being big enough, but he just looks like Perrin to me. I haven't seen any of them other than Pike in anything though.

I doubt we'll see much of Tam, and we don't return to the Two Rivers until book 4. Curious to see if they'll cut Thom, at least from season 1. It looks like they'll split up quite early. I'm sure I read somewhere that one of the early episodes shares the name of the chapter with Elyas. Assuming it does correspond to the same chapter that's a good chunk through the 1st book already.
Also, apparently Michael McElhatton is in that clip (Roose Bolton in got)
They're uh...making a show then?
She was terrifying in Gone Girl. But I also kept thinking, "What a bitch!" It was very well done. She will do great as Moiraine.
We have a Tam!
Jason's a bit slow in his announcements unless it's a rumor then he won't post it.
It's not a rumour (but it may have been as he was spotted in the table reading clip). It was today's #wotwednesday reveal.
ah I've not seen any of those pop up yet. but then I've also been buried in frigging accounting numbers all day Sad

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