Situated at the crest of a skyscraper, the Apex Lounge boasted unrivalled views of the city spread out like a great blanket beyond each of its floor-to-ceiling reinforced glass walls. In the arms of evening the buildings far below sparkled like a kingdom of fallen stars.

Zhenya, The Height of Rumour

Apex Lounge is a sophisticated and luxurious bar located at the top of one of Moscow’s many impressive skyscrapers. It employs state of the art security to ensure only the most exclusive patrons are permitted access. The views are 360 panoramic. It is not open air and therefore impervious to inclement weather.

Seven accepted the encryption, a temporary infrared tattoo of sorts that shone only for the appropriate scanners. To the naked eye, the shape was invisible. All it would take was a wave of the hand to part to elevator doors. They didn’t let just any riff raff in off the street, it seemed.[…] The elevator flew like the engine of a jet into the sky. When he emerged, gone was the sterile lobby of a busy city building. He was deposited into a world of shadows, sex, and luxury. 

Seven, The Height of Rumour


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