From the Gleeman’s Vault


In a land of woes and battles, a tale I shall unfold,

Of an Asha'man brave and valiant, with a heart so eager and bold.

He stepped into the battle, his first to ever face,

A powerful Asha'man, in a perilous, dark place.

With weaves of fire and air, he charged into the fray,

To face an evil Fade, darkness blocking the day.

With saidin as his weapon, he fought with all his might,

A solitary warrior, battling in the fading light.

He wove threads of power, the clash shook the ground,

But the Fade, oh so wicked, its strength knew no bound.

In the midst of their struggle, the Asha'man's fate was sealed,

As he received a fatal blow, his wounds too deep to be healed.

He fell upon the battlefield, his spirit nearly gone,

A hero's sacrifice, his life's eternal song.

Yet destiny had other plans, for hope began to rise,

Twenty soldiers rushed forth, prepared to pay the price.

With unity and valor, they fought for love of the light,

They wielded weapons so sharp, in the darkness of the night.

Together they stood, a formidable force to behold,

Driven by the warrior's plight, their courage uncontrolled.

Their swords struck the Fade, a battle fierce and grim,

As their numbers slowly dwindled, a sacrifice for him.

Though each soldier fell, one by one, their lives cut short in strife,

Their sacrifice held meaning, a testament to life.

And as evil succumbed to their relentless attack,

The wounded Asha'man awoke, his life not to be lacked.

He saw the fallen soldiers, and their bravery won the day,

In their sacrifice, his redemption, their memories here to stay.

He rose with newfound purpose, to honor their brave fight,

To carry their legacy, shining ever so bright.

In that Asha'man's heart, their spirits found a home,

Their sacrifice, a beacon, a tale forever known.

So, remember this story, of the Asha'man pure and true,

And those who fought beside him, their hearts forever new.

For valor and selflessness, their memory shall remain,

A tribute to the fallen, in each victory we attain.

— as sung by Byron Calanail, immortalising the deed of Asha’man Jai Kojima and Lt. Tomdry



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