Bear-who-Runs-on-Ice, most often referred to as Bear, is a member of the Atqausk Iñupiat tribe indigenous to northern Alaska and serves as councilor for his and neighboring Iñupiat communities on the Council of Native Americans. He has known of his wolfkin abilities for many years and is an adept dreamwalker in the place he refers to as The Spirit World. He is a close friend of Jon Little Bird.

Physical and psychological characteristics

Bear is a very big man. He stands over six and a half feet tall and weighs nearly 300 pounds, most of it muscle. He is keenly aware of the power that comes with such physical strength and as such tends to be cautious with his strength when around other people so as not to hurt them. While in his wolf form in Tel’aran’rhiod he takes the shape of a giant white Arctic wolf the size of a mastiff.
What Bear holds back in physical strength around others, he more than makes up for with his verbose personality, especially when among friends. The man is quite at peace with himself as a wolfkin — moreso, he particularly enjoys that aspect of his life and has embraced the wolves as his brothers. He is known for his loud, booming laugh that his fellow Iñupiats claim can be heard a village away, and is given over to hugging or patting on the back those he considers his closest friends — those he feels would trust him enough not to hurt them.
Bear generally enjoys life and other people, and is quite expressive of such, so it is little surprise his expression of such translates into the leadership role he’s recently stepped into.

Appearances in Role Play

Bear met Nimeda in Tel’aran’rhiod when Jon Little Bird brought her to him in Glimmers of a Dream. He recognized some inklings of Nimeda’s true nature from memories the wolves sent to him and warned Jon to keep her close. Before Bear departed, he issued a warning to Nimeda not to “hurt my friend.”
Bear also met doulou in Tel’aran’rhiod in Day Trippin’ and agreed to help Doulou master the ways of the Wolf Dream.



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