The black teardrop stone is a surviving artifact of the Power from previous ages. It is currently in the possession of Jon Little Bird.


The stone is just a fraction smaller than a man’s palm so as to fit comfortably in one hand. It has the luster of obsidian but is smooth and opaque much like onyx. On its larger end, the stone is a smooth concave semicircle. From its apex it arcs in a smooth half circle on the outer edge, and tapers in a sinuous s-shape on its inner edge. Both edges draw down to a single point, making the object resemble a curved tooth.
Aside from the unknown properties of its composition, the stone also stands upright if placed on its point, regardless of what surface it is placed. Additionally, when most people handle it, the stone feels icy cold. Jon has discovered that the stone grows warm and vibrates with some sort of resonance when it is held by another male channeler.


The stone was crafted sometime in either the fourth or fifth age. Likely it was created and used by the Black Tower or its following organizations, as the stone resembles the Dragon’s Fang representative of the male half of the One Power in the second, third and fourth ages. It is not known whether the stone can be activated to do anything or what purpose it was meant to serve.
The stone was lost during the Godswar. It was rediscovered sometime during the Age by an ancient Native American tribe and its finders believed it to have had supernatural significance due to its odd qualities. The stone was found in the early 21st century at the site of an ancient Iroquois settlement by archaeology students affiliated with Yale University and was again lost, winding up in the desk of Dr. Kevin Anderson, professor of anthropological studies at Yale University. He showed the object to Jon, who unwittingly used Compulsion to convince the doctor to allow him to take it.



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