Daan Nasser Al-Rajhi (ppc)

Privilege of Dominance V

Age: 53
Education: Pharmacodelivery and Kinetics, Berlin Institute of Science
Source of wealth: Food processing, manufacturing, and Synthetics
Est. 2044 sales: $156 billion
Net worth: $31 billion
Profile: A provider, distributor, and supplier/manufacturer of food rations, synthetic nutrient sources, and processed foods. He has also made a successful push into beverages, hotels, and financial services. Now, Al-Rajhi is the chairman of the Dominance’s largest food producer and distributor, which is involved in everything from biscuits to baby food. The real source of the company’s breakthrough was built on capsule-delivery nutrition concept. The technology patented and invented by Al-Rajhi is now sold in capsule vending machines around the world and delievers food, snacks, drugs or nutrients with a single pill.
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