The first Dreyken were the original test subjects meant to create superior eyesight in men during the Age of Gods. They succeeded. Dreyken have the eyesight of a falcon, especially in the dark, but at a cost. A defect in their nervous system keeps their body temperature unregulated.

Their translucent skin does not sweat and their hair and nails grow thick and wild.

Their pupils are always dilated, flared nearly to the edges of their eyes surrounded by thin sickles of colored irises. For this reason, bright light is extremely painful for them and nearly blinding.

The defect leaves their skin ice cold, their nails are as claws, and they feed on warm living flesh to survive (human preferably), shredding raw meat with their vicious claws.

Between feedings they must remain warm, either with heavy clothing or residing in warm places on the earth. A single feeding will sustain a Dreyken’s warmth and vitality for several days.

It is unknown whether a Dreyken can succumb to hypothermia, descend into hibernation, or starve to death. They can be killed as other men, however, by extreme wounding or decapitation. Their health is immune to infection or age. Their whereabouts, society, breeding, and habits are largely untracked.

What is known is that dreyken can easily mingle with mankind. With a shaved scalp, pair of sunglasses, a heavy coat and expensive gloves, a graceful dreyken appears downright alluring. They have incredible speed, a sadistic appetite, and are incredibly clever. Therefore, dreyken are hard to track, capture, and kill. Due to their longevity, they are one of the Atharims’ most widely hunted creature. One dead dreyken can save hundreds of lives.

For an example of an encounter with four Dreyken, see the Ascendancy’s biography, Enzo Dolan’s biography or the short story, Alla.

Their female counterpart are the Drakaina.



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