Kistyami is a posh strip club located in the Tagansky District in Moscow. The name means “tassels” in Russian. It is largely frequented by businessmen and government officials who are looking for a classy and openly erotic experience in a safe environment and aren’t too concerned about their activities showing up on social media Web sites. Patrons are commonly served by fully nude waitresses, who are privately encouraged by management to accept offers for more intimate services.
Kistyami is also known for its safety record. There hasn’t been an act of violence resulting in serious injury or death in over ten years. The club requires a high cover charge for admittance and is quick to throw out any patrons at the first sign of trouble. While it purports – and enforces – a strict “no touching” policy, what happens in private rooms stays in private rooms as far as management is concerned — so long as it brings good clients back.
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