The final product of the Lir’ compound is a approved military training site. CCD waivers allow up to 100 military troops, not allowed within 1 mile of the Kremlin. The Compound contains Manix Lir’s Mansion, Berthing for trainees and current military troops (Vikings), training ground for sea and land based warfare and a secured underground gun range. The entire facility covers 2 square city blocks surrounded by 25 meter fence with bio scanners, thermal imagery and a defensive electric system. 2 Monitoring stations are in operation at all times and the facility boast a large auto connect generator in case of power outage.


The entry way is where all visitor are held awaiting approval for entry. The foray itself is its own bunker. It has 6′ walls with Kevlar sheets molded into the the wall at 3″. There are only 2 doors one leading in and one leading into the house. Both doors are made of steel and carry a “A” fire rating with blast doors that can drop down automatically or by a push of the panic button. 2 Marine guards are always on duty and rotate every 6 hours. The interior of the mansion is divided into 2 wings, the West wing is the primary residence of Manix Lir’ with the East wing used for guest. Other than the standard bio sensors and thermal imaging, little is know about the interior defenses. Rumors suggest that there is compressed knock out gas hidden in the ceiling and walls for rowdy visitors.


Manix originally found the undercity site of 6 rooms that he converted for his secret research and activities. Having found a passage way to a decrepit old Mansion Manix bought and renovated it into his “outside persona” No one other than Chief or SynJyn is allowed into the undercity, which has since been converted into his research facility.

Berthing unit

Built to hold 200 troops at a time, it is 3 stories above ground and 2 stories underground. Underground is used for weapon storage, gun range emergency fallout shelter with airtight rooms and filtration systems, emergency food, water and fuel storage. The first or ground level floor is used as a common room with pool tables, weight room and cafeteria. Multi able TV viewing areas set up as well and a full library. 2nd and 3rd floor are strictly for sleeping and privet areas. Depending on rank, they may have a single room or as many as 6 to a room. Each room has it’s own balcony, clothing storage and rack, very little else is allowed.

Training Ground

in construction.



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