The Monkey King’s School of the Mystical Arts is owned and operated by the famous actor Li Tan after having been fired behind the scenes of his last movie casting. The school has three martial arts classes for children and two adult classes that focus on various Martial Arts that Li has been known to use in his movies.

The School is also home to many of Li’s Atharim trophies — including a stuffed Oni head he saved from a hunt. It is on display with other memorabilia of his accomplishments in his office. 

The commercials for the establishment feature Li channeling and killing monsters — claiming he can teach you how. It’s a snub against the Atharim, while also bringing hope to those who might not know what to do. So far he has had very few come in to learn how to channel.

Li owns the building the dojo is in, the first floor is split into four distinct areas — the lobby, two dojo and his office. Up stairs is Li’s private home.

Li is actively looking for students and teachers — specifically teachers of the rarer arts (channeling).



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