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What Not to Do (Kallisti)
Despite his own words to Dimitri, Aiden checked his Wallet and found the story in question. Mila Babanin had been on the scene, of course. Aiden had been accosted by the woman only once before. She had shown up randomly at his palatial manor house, asking a multitude of questions about his past and allegations put forth by Kyle Rice. Aiden was certain no person on Earth had ever had such a vindictive ex as Kyle Rice. Aiden had his own bodyguards escort her off the premises after he unceremoniously closed the door in her face. That had been half a year ago, right before Sage had come into his life.

Aiden watched the report with captions, as the lights went down and the music began to play. Half way through the report, a new video was sliced into the recording. Mila had been going down on a stranger in a darkened alleyway somewhere in Moscow. Sage. Of course, it was Sage’s own brand of mischief. Aiden closed his Wallet after the words ‘not her husband?’ flashed across the screen. He slipped the thing back into his pocket and turned to Sage, grabbing his face and planting a deep, rough kiss upon his tender lips.

How did I get to be so lucky? Aiden thought ruefully.

Nox came out onto the stage amidst a flurry of spectacle. Aiden let go of Sage and waggled his eyebrows, pointing towards the stage. His left hand grabbed Sage's right and held it firmly as they watched the show. It was more than apparent, to Aiden, that the setting was a 1920’s Mount Olympus. A stroke of genius on Nox’s part. Aiden had a long-standing infatuation with the era. It was a time of opulence and hedonism – what better era to combine with the outrageous mythos that made up Grecian memory? Nox had been on to something here. Aiden would continue to watch, of course, but thoughts of theatre began to form at the forefront of his mind. Would Nox want to turn this into a full stage musical? Aiden could fund it and happily.

Blue flames began to dance across Nox’s fingers as his body moved effortlessly with the rhythm. The role of Hades became clear as another dancer, Zeus no doubt, entered the stage and the two became entwined in one another’s presence. Aiden’s eyes were drawn to the blue flames that danced along Nox’s fingertips. An echo of the Power roiled through Aiden’s body and within moments, everything seemed to go black

Lugh turned his head and plastered on a wicked grin.

The Druidess Tlachtga came striding down the stairs in a sleek white robe, her auburn hair in neat plaits laid across either breast. A crown of hawthorn sat upon the top of her head and an eye of indigo dye was painted across her brow. She wore a solemn expression as she made her way into the chamber.

Lugh twisted his lips in a playful manner and gave her a mock bow.

Tlachtga sighed loudly as Lugh played along. She batted away the attending guard as she made her way over to Lugh and dipped a knee to him in turn. Lugh bent even lower to the ground – forcing her to go lower. She grunted and complied. Lugh could not help but laugh heartily. He straightened and pulled her up into an embrace.

“It has been too long. I had heard you had gone off with Mug Ruith to study under the Olympians!” Lugh announced with a hearty chuckle.

“My father is on a fool’s errand, my King. I can assure you he knows all that they can offer,” Tlachtga spoke in an overly formal voice – one that did not match the expression on her face.

“Stop with that, Tlachtga. Call me by my name. We grew up together. I will not stand for formalities, and I am assured that your father does valuable work.”

Tlachtga relaxed visibly, taking a seat upon one of the benches that had been built into the curved walls. “Thank Danu for that. I can’t stand all this pomp. You know, working for your cousin makes me second guess my decision. The Olympians cannot be worse than High Prince Lecan.”

Aiden's hand had not left Sage's, in fact, his grip only strengthened as the vivid vision played out across his glazed eyes. Nox's performance was blind to him just as the first act had come to a close. Aiden's mouth hung agape as the vision played on, spittle starting to trickle down his chin as his grip on Sage's hand grew tighter and tigher. Dimitri finished off his drink and ordered another, looking over to check on his employer.

"Erm... Sage," Dimitri whispered in a near panic.

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Seven found himself mesmerized by the mirth dancing in Visha’s eyes. Almost as if he could see another pair behind the first staring out at him. It made him want to coax what was hidden to the surface. Like the infamous cat, curiosity had landed him in some unfortunate places in the past, but he was confident he could disarm any dangers that may bubble up. Nor did he consider Visha dangerous, but there was something he wanted to discover about her. In the end, he decided it was the show of naïveté that he found so fresh. In the glittering nightlife of Moscow, it was unheard of. Among the wealthy denizens of the Dominances who dallied in the tempting waters of the underworld, it was downright beautiful. And Seven loved beautiful things.

He was going to tease an answer, but the show began and both their attentions were stolen away. The music was playful and ethereal. The lights played along with the tune, but it was Nox that was clearly the star. Runes danced around his skin. Never had Seven witnessed so artful their design. He watched in awe as blue fluttered atop his hair like fairy lights.

He himself was one of those people that Nox warned the Atharim about, and despite his protest of their existence, he would not reveal so careful a secret at this time.
Seven ✧ Freyr ✧ Daryen
Sage was pulled out of his information reveriey with a kiss from his love. When the lights dimmed and show started Sage sat watching smuggly. Little else made him smile so wide than acknowledgement from work well done. And it was such a rare treat when someone knew he'd done something. That was sort of the point of his work -- no one knew who he was.

But his revery was broken and now he watched Nox fling the power across the stage and dance with fervor he never showed in his own life. Sage remembered watching Nox down in the little dojo in the basement -- sitting under the stairs while Nox danced and fought and life felt simpler then. But it wasn't any simpler. Just younger, less shit happened but still shit. To both of them.

Sage watched as Nox missed a step and then regained composure. His mind had drifted to sadder things before he fell into his rhythm. Nox was a mess but dancing was life -- happier life. It reminded him of his mother and Sage felt a longing pain for Aurora knew Nox felt the same.

He had to help Nox... But the grip on his hand grew tighter and Dimitri pulled Sage further from his thoughts and into the real world. Aiden's eyes had glazed over and spittal fell from parted lips. Sage smiled and leaned in to Aiden's ear and whispered. "Love, that's my thing." Then he nuzzled closer and nipped at Aiden's ear. "You're missing the good parts."

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The show started and it was both surprise and wonder in which Ilesha watched. The prior performance cuts hadn't done the show any credit. The music was lively and entertaining. Ilesha loved the outfits. Danika seemed enraptured by the show and it made Ilesha smile. This wasn't the typical show she'd seen while here before. It was lewd in moments but there was satire and sex and all of that without the classical strip tease most people thought of places like this. But then Kallisti was always tasteful. "He's kinda hot." She'd though it before and she wouldn't have mentioned it all if Danikia wasn't sighing. It felt appropriate to commiserate with her -- it might be good to day dream though.

Zeus and Hades were an immaculate paring, but it was some of the girls in the background that seemed to steal the show. Their antics as Persephone was kidnapped from the lake side garden was amusing. It was all beautiful and parts made her blush.

"You think you'd like to stay and meet the girls afterwards?" It was the whole point of coming for her -- to see about meeting up with them again -- maybe not here. Learning new things -- maybe they could help add their knowledge to Marcus' app. But she didn't regret coming to see the show now. It was a good show.
After Nox left, Ori idly watched the security screens. Boredom sank its claws in quickly. She cared less than Nox imagined about the Atharim in the club. She’d been luring the fucking bait for months, and apparently the snakes were too dim or too scared to make any connections to the fires she’d set to burn them out of their Baccarat hole. They were hardly going to do anything tonight if they were still sneaking like vermin. Nox had the wrong idea, warning them, insisting the girls stay hidden. The warning ought to be visceral, the display of power sublime. A conflagration none could ignore.

But she was annoyed. Annoyed and disinterested, and fighting the compulsions squeezing her tight. Only she wasn’t sure which she rebelled against more; the notion that Kallisti was something she needed to protect, or the idiocy of Nox telling her what she could and could not do.

She glanced idle at her wallet when it beeped. Considered ignoring the message, though in the end the temptation bit.

A warning. Cute. So what are you going to do about it? Stand around looking pretty?

The gauntlet was casually thrown. He was going to do nothing, she imagined. It was not like Jaxen was good at finishing what he started.
"You say you're a godman. So what? 
I'm the devil herself"
Alpha ~ Little Destroyer
[Image: orianderis.jpg]
The Ancient Power danced around the stage like little fuck-you’s to all the Atharim in the crowd. Nox wasn’t the kind of bloke to dangle lies like strings for kittens, so it was probably true. Although there was a distinct possibility the guy was just flat wrong, but Jaxen had seen him work his little magical ways on Atharim before. Buried one in an alley. He was probably right.

The show was pretty entertaining. Jaxen barked a few laughs. The rumble between Zeus and Hades almost made him give up the search. Except for the buzz in his pocket. Give it to Oriena to tickle his balls.

“Standing around looking pretty is one of the things I’m best at.” He slipped the wallet back in his pocket and watched the audience watching Nox.

Now there was no way to tell who they were of course. The snake tattoo was a decent tell, but hell even Jaxen had a snake tattoo and he sure as shit wasn’t an Atharim.  Snake skeleton. Everything else was just hints and instinct.

While the second act got themselves ready, Jaxen leaned against the wall and summoned a bit of the Ancient Power for himself. Shouldn’t draw much attention from Nox. He was busy anyway. A little ball of light, no more than what might come from a Wallet, danced between his fingers. It waggled like a coin he used to use to practice pick pocketing. Then he pushed off from the wall and started walking the aisles. Faces roaming for a very specific kind of reaction. Which was probably why he accidentally kicked a wheel sticking out.

He stumbled, but caught his feet like he’d done a little tip-toe move more fitting for the stage up there. The little ball of light snuffed out around the closure of his palm, and he followed the line of his feet back to the offending object in the path.

It was the hub of a wheel of a woman in a wheelchair. It was probably his first time kicking a handicap person, but suppose there was a first time for everything.

“Sorry about that. You alright?” he smiled the kind of smile that disarmed most women. The kind that lit up those round puppy dog eyes with a promise to play.
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
Jaxen +
Loki +
+ Jole +
There were many faces on the watch list here. Zef was only concerned about one. But when the other made his display right in the middle of the club Zef's kill or be killed instinct took over. She reached for her gun that was conveniently left in place. Did they not care about firearms? Or maybe they did. But her hand bumped the table when she reached for it and the glasses on the table rattled and her glass fell to the floor in a barely audible crash.

The show was still going like nothing was happening. As Zef looked around no one noticed. No one cared. All eyes were set on the stage in front where more power flung around than Zef could imagine. There was no way one man could do all that. Maybe the Ascendancy himself -- he had changed the building into the monument that stared them down every time the went past the Baccarat to check on the rebuilding process. Money must be good to have. But it would still be a while before the Atharim had their home again.

Zef was right, she'd never hunted a god like Durante. The world was better off with him dead -- men like that will corrupt with their power. She knew this god needed to be dead, but...

She looked back and the pull of the power in the crowd was gone, and her eyes scanned the room for the culprit. She had to know where he was -- that was a danger she didn't want at her back -- not ever.
Nox hurried through his costume change while Persephone, who was played by Mae, lamented in her sad solo song. His cue was soon as he pulled on the long sheer black open shirt over the black toga like outfit he’d picked for the base of Hades’ underworld outfit. The shirt had a hood, but Nox left it hanging back. The blue, flaming hair was integral to his humor. The greek gods were assholes and Disney made them not.

It’d be the last time he changed. He might lose the long shirt at some point, but there was plenty of skin to see. But the place where the prosthetic met his arm still made Nox uncomfortable. A black leather band covered the seam easily, but still — it was a source of anxiety that Nox had to push away.

Nox climbed to the second level they’d carefully constructed. It was mostly his handy work to insure it was sturdy. He wasn’t about to dance on top of scaffolding and fall to his death. Be a hell of a way to die after fighting monsters. He chuckled to himself as he started manipulating the strings of his puppet Persephone below him. Mae’s movements were very janky on purpose. It took a lot of skill to do this. The other girls hadn’t wanted to mess up on purpose. Mae jumped at the chance.

Mae even sang some of her lament. Not Nox’s scripting, but it had worked, so they all agreed it should stay. It was sad and sexy at the same time. The world was blue and reflected the underworld. Illusions of Pain and Panic from the animated movie danced around the underworld with clumsy antics and humor.
((Alright Meera, you snooze you lose a little piece of Jaxen. Maybe next time. *winkwink))

After the embarrassing little incident of kicking a handicap person’s chair was done and over with, the orb of light filled his palm once more. It rolled in his hand like a marble, haphazard and random. Clearly from an unnatural source what with the light leaking around those magic fingers of his. The second act started just as Jaxen finished snaking his way to the other side of the room. A few irritated glances followed his disruptive brightness, and with a smirk he promptly accommodated the falling darkness by smothering the light once more. Good timing. By then, he knew exactly where he was going.

He slipped into a chair just as the the audience began to whoop and holler. Their star returned to the stage. Jaxen couldn’t help but look himself. Nox was a grim reaper-version of Hades now, at least a sexier version anyway. Black flowed from his shoulders, muscular arms bare. Well, arm, he self-corrected. Interesting. Had he always had that? Jaxen shook off the question. Couldn't remember anyway.

A woman occupied the table he chose, and he had to squeeze into the edge of the seat to get a spot, but a not-so-apologetic scooting put him on the cushion next to her. She made room, but given it was Jaxen who had joined her, she didn’t make too much of it. He didn't blame her. Who wouldn't want to keep him close? He met her roaming eyes with a playful smile of his own. She was a blonde with streaks of pink woven through her hair. She wore snug pants and a belly baring crop-top. Her arms were sculpted and muscular. No snake tattoo he could see, but that didn’t mean much. Importantly, she had glared at the orb of light and snuffing it out did nothing to disarm her irritation. So was it the light? Or was it the channeling? Only one way to find out.

“You think we’ll get a Megara in this version?” he leaned near enough she could hear him over the music. “She was always my favorite. Smokin’ hot cartoon!” No need to exaggerate on that. Those pretty hands of his made the suggestive outline of a woman’s figure, not offensive of course. It was all in good tease.

But as he did, he accidentally bumped the lady at the next table. Shit. What was with the bumping into everyone? It was too damn crowded in here. He much preferred Kallisti as he found it last time. Mostly empty and Oriena dancing on strings. 

He shrugged apologetically when the woman looked over, though his gaze settled quite naturally on the Bindi on her forehead. He hadn’t seen one in a while, not so up close anyway. His smile dragged into memory then. 
Since he had her attention. Might as well throw her one of those Jaxen smiles. "Having fun?"  
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
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It was amusing watching the godling flaunt his power. It was almost more amusing to watch the people he passed. A few were in total awe of him. But that could just be that he was a handsome man. An arrogantly handsome man, but handsome none-the-less. Others he passed glared at the atrocious display of light disturbing their vision. The girl next to him scoffed openly. And that brought the man right next to Zephyr. His light had vanished as the shoe had started.

The boy traitor and his cast pulled themselves out upon the stage as the light dimmed again. The boy knew he was good looking -- maybe not so arrogant as the god next to her now, but he knew. He flaunted it as much as the scars on his chest. Zef wondered what had gotten close enough to rake his chest and he still survived. Not one of the beasties that took his arm. No that scar looked old.

The man next to her flirted with the woman who glared at him. He'd come directly to her once he ascertained her disdain. If he only knew... but he came to flaunt his gift in their faces -- maybe in the Atharim faces? Zef wondered what the man knew of Atharim. His elbow knocked her table and he smiled at her. She wasn't as cold to think him unattractive... or even give him a shot, but he was a god... His words caught her ear and she shrugged. "The show is mocking the mythological gods. Yet he throws around his own powers as haphazardly and careless as they did. What's not to love about the irony of that? He could be doing better things with his so-called gifts than making pretty things dance. But they are pretty things." She smiled sweetly at him. She had eyes, emotions, fucking feelings despite the cold hard exterior she had. But hunting was not the life of a mate -- and staying home to give birth to a litter to carry on the Atalanta line. And Christof was hardly looking forward to tending her whelps as it were. It was his duty., he would do it without question to honor their father and continue the traditions of their clan. The only thing wrong with the current eye candy present was they were all fucking gods!

The serving girl walked by and Zephyr waved her over and ordered a second round, offering her newest delight a drink. "What'll you have?" she asked him. "What do you think Megara will show up as a final blow to the comedic effects of Panic and Pain running around like demons of such low impotence exist in the underworld?"

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