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I'm thinking about Jensen returning to Texas to reunite with his family since the CCD announcement that magic is real. He could kind of "come out" as a channeler.

Question is anyone interested in doing some RP with a couple Texans? Jensen and the wife? I don't know if it's ok to say she governor now. Last she was around, she was running for office.
Ayden and Connor are heading to the States with new identities. That could be interesting.
I could send Ricky up there to see his family since he's in hiatus - or I could write an NPC for you.
I'd think the gubernatorial election would be in November but we are only in spring of 2046.
Speaking of politics: Are the Dems and the Repubs still the leading parties in 2046? What are their political positions? Are they united in opposition towards CCD but with minor differences in tactics, like Cold War politics? Was there McCarthy-ism-type-stuff going on at some point? Would the Texas gubernatorial election even be close in 2046 or would it be a foregone conclusion once Wifey won the appropriate primary?
JLB is back in the States.

As an aside the Democrats and Republicans are still the biggest parties but the libertarians have gained major party status, also the munitemem are significant following not unlike a political party like the Tea Party. The Democrats are mildly pro CCD and pro welfare state and the last Democrat president was involved on a scandal for taking CCD linked funds. The Republicans are more big government/ business/ military/ hawkish/Monroe doctrine type, for low level military intervention/cold war. Libertarians are isolationist and the minute men are mostly Anti CCD Constitituinalists. Texas went Democrat after the Rand Paul libertarian presidency ams California flipped to Red in 2036 though it's partially depopulated. I probably missed a lot of stuff.

ETA: Texas is a swing state now. Very divided.

Edited by Jon Little Bird, Aug 22 2016, 01:07 PM.
Thanks! I will keep it in mind and likely head back to Texas to reunite with the family. We are based in Dallas, but will move to Austin because of the election.
I think connor and ayden will head to San Antonio at least to start with but it's always something we can do - they need jobs and all.

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