Basic Stats

Age: 32
Origin: Sora, Italy
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 126lbs
Occupation: CCD Psychological Profiler
Ability: Sentient
Played By: Aria

Psychological description

There are two sides to Alex. She enjoys her work, she is very professional and almost always has that intellectual vibe about her. But Alex knows how to let her hair down and have fun. Alex is very family oriented despite the lack of having a family of her own. Not that she hasn’t been trying.

Physical description

5’4″ 126lbs brown hair with blond highlights, green eyes. Alex dresses in business attire while working, but loves wearing everything but when she’s not on the job. She keeps her hair pulled up in a bun while working, she looks scholarly, but she loves to leave it down and have fun.


Feb 2, 2015
Dear Diary,
Today I turned 5. The world pressed in on my for the first time. I was with Lucio. He helped me as father had helped him. Lucio became my calm center, my safety net. He walked me through everything. He told me what I am. Told me I was Sentient. That it was my gift to feel what other’s felt. To know how to help them, or how to hurt them. Lucio is wise, he’s six. Father taught Lucio last year how to be unique. He taught him how the world worked, and Lucio taught me.
It’s very weird feeling everyone. Mom, protects us from others like us, Mara too. Mara is 9. Everyone has special powers. Father is good at manipulating others. But mother says he’s good at it all, he is one of the most powerful Sentients in a long time, or so mother says. Lucio as like father, he could manipulate people, make them feel and do what he wanted. Christina was too young, she was only 3. She’s a sweet little girl. Mother and father are back together because of me, but it was Christina who united us all again, forever.

March 3, 2017
Dear Diary,
Today we moved again. We’ve been moving a lot lately. Ever since I was born we’ve never stayed in one place too long. Father says that we are being hunted to extinction. Mother told the story of Autunna Luna, a hunter who had integrated into our home. Mother says I’m too young to remember Autunna Luna. She fell in love with my father. Mother says that Father manipulated her, to make her go away. But instead it only made her want to stay more. Mother said Autunna Luna left and would be killed for not completing her job. She said that she was with child and the child would die too.
Father told us half breeds were dangerous. The most dangerous of all Sentients, they didn’t have full control, if those hunting them did not kill the child, there would be one too many half breeds in the world. Mara told us, that Father was a half breed. She told us to scare us. She told us to keep us in line, I could feel it.
I asked Father about what Mara had said. He smiled at me and then sent me away. But I knew Father was one, I had felt the truth in my words when I asked. Father was dangerous. But Mara didn’t have to tell us stories to scare us.

September 8, 2020
Dear Diary,
A lot has been going on in the world, but today Mother handed me a text on how the brain works, on how emotions work. I had apparently been asking too many questions. I devoured the book. Tomorrow I wall do more. Hopefully Mother will buy more.
But Diary, today it’s short, I’m going back to my studying. I can’t believe I actually want to study now!

August 5, 2029
Dear Diary,
Today Giovanni and I were down by the creek. He kissed me. My heart leapt into my throat. Gio was nice, he was handsome, he worked out. Mother had the “talk” with me today. It was embarrassing. My god, how can anyone endure talking to your mother like that. It is so strange. She asked me if I had any questions. I didn’t. Why would I ask her anyway, Mara would know more than my Mother would anyway.
But that wasn’t the worst of it. Father had another talk with me. He reminded me of half breeds. He told me then that he was one. And that he was one of few who survived. He only survived because Mother’s family found him and did not know of his heritage. But he knew, he had kept it a secret. His parents had been killed by the Atharim, those monsters with snake tattoos, that hunted us just because of what we were. We’d done nothing wrong except be born.

August 8, 2029
Dear Diary,
Today I stopped seeing Giovanni. He’s a jerk. I saw him kissing Nicola on the creek. Mother comforted me. Told me he was not the one for me. Told me life would go on. But I’m not so sure about that. I just want to die. I wish I was good at manipulation like Lucio. I wish I could make him feel my pain.

May 6, 2031
Dear Diary,
Today is the best day ever. I got accepted at MIT in the United States. Lucio did too! We both get to go this year. Lucio is so excited. So am I. He going to be an engineer of some sort or another. I’m going to follow my passion and become a Psychiatrist, or something like that. I just want to study the human brain and our emotions. I want to better understand the world we live in. Understand all the crazy behaviors humans have. I can’t wait!

September 25, 2031
Dari Diary,
Classes have started. I’m loving most of it. My roommate is cool. She calls me Alex. I kinda like it. The only thing I’m having trouble with is math, but thankfully Lucio is good at that. Mia, my roommate, she like Lucio, she calls him Luk. Lucio doesn’t like it, so I’ve started calling him that too.
I gotta go, Mia wants to take me out to a party. A real party, how cool is that!

May 23, 2035
Today was graduation day. I finished my bachelor’s degree in pschy with honors. Lucio and I are staying on to get more for our money. I hope to get a PhD before going back home.

August 23, 2036
Dear Diary,
Today I got some really bad news. The Atharim found my family. They killed Christina. Mother said Father went into a rampage and managed to take out the two hunters who had come after us. Sadly Father went after them, with a few other men from our community. They have all lost someone to the Atharim. I wish there was a better way to handle all this. I wish those monsters would leave us alone! Thankfully Lucio and I are still in the US, safe and sound. Mother is grateful we are here.

May 25, 2041
Dear Diary,
I know I’m getting a bit old to keep writing in you, but today I graduated with honors with my PhD. I am flying home tonight. I haven’t seen my family in ten years. It will be a great day. I have an internship in Moscow. So I won’t be home long. I hope it’s a great internship.

September 6, 2042
Dear Diary,
Today I was offered a full time position in the CCD Custodians. My job is to evaluate the prisoners and assess their paroles and such. I get to talk with the men and women, see how heir minds work and assess their rehabilitation. It’s pretty cool. I’ll also get to work with some old files, and see what I can drum up. I know I can make a difference. I will make a difference in these people’s lives.

November 30, 2045
Dear Diary,
Yesterday I showed some findings to my boss. He was astonished by the findings. He pushed hem up further up the chain of command. They brought in a man who had been killing for the past 10 years with little to no evidence, except my profile. They found the murder weapons and trinkets from each of his victims in a scrap book.
I got a promotion. Tomorrow, I will be working with the Moscovian CCD Custodians on a regular basis, analyzing their cases, the criminals who do the horrid things they do. Tomorrow will be one of the best days of my life!
:PPC :Sentient



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