Basic Stats

Age: 23
Origin: Eritrea
Power Potential: 26
Talent: Channeler
Loyalty: Q’dus Atharim
Played By: Thal


Tall and willowy. Thick black hair, often traditionally braided, and sultry hooded eyes. She wears a small gold cross that once belonged to her mother. Most times she is expressive and seems open with those she meets. She loves life and lives it in full colour. Agile and lean; fast more than strong. The gazelle to Idris’s lion.


Something of a well-intentioned miscreant; often in trouble as a child, with boundless reams of curiosity and the gumption to nose right in, though she had the charm to smooth out the adults’ chagrin too (mostly with that beatific smile). The rules of the church have always chafed, though she rarely outright breaks rules. Particularly if it means upsetting Idris, or bringing him shame. She idolises her brother something fierce, and takes his side in all public affairs. Privately she will make no bones of telling him when he’s wrong, though.

Sesuna accepts her responsibilities but won’t be crushed by them. On the hunt she will scout out the terrain or enemy ahead, rarely involved in the actual kill unless necessary, though she is far from defenceless — with or without the Power. In the Little Rome of Asmara she is an information gatherer — which suits her curious personality just fine. She will often notify Idris when she suspects a channeler.


Born of the Qdus Atharim in Eritrea in 2023, the second child of Kidani Ali and Miriam Fitsum, Sesuna never fit into the life. She loved the thrill of the hunt, but not the kill. Her mother died when she was ten, an accident she has never forgiven herself for, and after that she found herself mostly in the care of her older brother, Anbessa. He swore his hunter oaths at nineteen, but continued to look after her despite their father’s wishes. She roamed the city streets, honing her skills following people and learning of their lives. She never planned to join her brother or father in their oaths; instead she dreamed of travelling and living an ordinary life. But prophecy conspired her brother to be heralded saviour of the Atharim, and when he sparked a year later Sesuna was not far behind. She was sworn to the Qdus to save her life, and now works with her brother to control the channeler threat and the flames of Al Janyar.

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