Siobhan West, ex-bassist and back up vocals for Blarney Stoned, began a solo career two years after the group’s split. She departed from the Irish-punk genre and embraced the pop-punk sound of the early 2000’s with her debut album The White Wolf of Moon Hall. She is currently active in the music world and one of the most well-known acts across the globe.



The White Wolf of Moon Hall (released 2043)


A pop-punk album, with electronic influences. Heavy use of guitar, bass, drums, and synthesizer. Most of the songs have a deep, hypnotic beat. Two ballads are featured on the album (Woodwhisper and Wolfgift.) Lyrical content is heavily influenced by the horror movie archetype of the Werewolf; the sound of the album has often been compared to that of Evanescence’s 2002 release, Fallen.  The album helped launch Siobhan’s solo career after Blarney Stoned split in 2041. The lead single, Blood Moon, has been featured in many tv shows and movies; where as the third single, Song of the Kine, is best know for spawning an iconic group choreography, a fan favorite and performed at many weddings (much akin to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.)


Track Listing:

  1. Wildgirl
    2. The Howling (second single)
    3. Silver Moon
    4. Fur Coat
    5. Hunter’s Cabin
    6. Blood Moon (lead single)
    7. Sirius (Dog Star)
    8. Woodwhisper
    9. Song of the Kine (third single)
    10. Wolfgift
    (bonus track)11. Edge of Seventeen
    (bonus track)12. Mating Season


Silver Skans (released 2045)


Siobhan’s sophomore album, drawing heavily upon myth-punk storytelling elements and urban legend. The sound of the album is similar to her first, but with a certain maturity; Siobhan still relies upon punk and techno sounds to supply the tone for the album. Siobhan now employs the use of back up singers, the previous release saw her supplying both main and back up vocals. Critics and fans alike adored the album and it was met with more favorable reviews than any of Blarney Stoned’s releases. The success of the album spawned a world-wide stadium tour.


Track Listing

  1. Silver Skans (lead single)
    2. Heart of the Void
    3. Turnings of the Circle
    4. Fabric of Reality
    5. Golden Dawn (second single)
    6. Fenrir
    7. Red Riding Hood
    8. Lupin
    9. Astral Dreams (third single)
    10. Hermit
    11. Foreign Tongue
    12. Prophetic Visions (fourth single)
    (bonus track) 13. Rhiannon
    (bonus track) 14. American Werewolf in Moscow





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