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i love this conversation. i'll try to respond asap! Everytime I get a few minutes away to post I run out of time to write something fitting for this thread too. I'll try to today!
I agree that I think it's a different situation to play a reborn god from mythology that you can pretty much take in any direction you want versus a reborn person that you invented yourself. I appreciate the struggle too. Like Tam-Connor, I also picture a "whole wheel" character arc for Hades-Nik-________ (the blank space is for the name of a character I played for a while in the 3rd Age that I don't want to include as cannon for the soul, but taken very strongly as inspiration).

In the overall Wheel-arc, Hades-Nik-_____ straddle the line between good and evil, hero and villain. While he certainly sees himself as the hero or savior of the world, he uses evil means to achieve his goals. So therefore he's not a straight baddy McBad, but I want him to be more complex than that. Hades was a misunderstood guy who was stuck with a sucky job ruling the underworld and banished by his channeler brothers. He ended up becoming what everyone perceived him to be even if he didn't start that way.

You all are familiar with Nik and Hades so I won't go into that much more.

As to reborn characters, I only have one example and that is Lawrence-Lythia. Lythia was the first character i ever created for online RP back in 2001 and I played her until our site shut down in ... 2014? I'm not sure how long ago it was. She was a wilder from the mountains of mist, raised by a widower father until he died when she was young. Then an unknown older brother found her and helped her until she was old enough to be discovered by an aes sedai and taken to the WT. She's a perfect Green, but started out as a very Battle-oriented Green who ended up very politically-inclined, manipulating, and a pretty good player of the Great Game. She also ended up as head of the green ajah, her warder died early on, she took another eventually. The brother that helped raise her also died early on. By the end of her tenure in RP, she was willing to break tower law if it meant help win the last battle. She kidnapped and tortured a dreadlord with the help of Number Two's character. She kept secrets from a burnt out (former) aes sedai in order to use her as her eyes and ears. She was constantly involved in the black tower politics and she had all kinds of machinations surrounding the amyrlin and plans for how to win the last battle without the whole world burning up.

With Lawrence, I wanted her to be born with the ability to learn to channel this time around rather than with the spark. She has a lot of the same character traits (and flaws) that Lythia had, but without the training and tempering by aes sedai that Lythia had to adopt. So she is brash, hot-headed, and fiery, but also commanding, independent, and scrappy. She similarly loves men and has had a few hot and heavy relationships and a few casual relationships, but nothing ever lasts long term.

But at her core she is a hero. She is a battle ajah and fights for the people because she believes in the absolute need to do whatever it takes for life to be extended on earth. This manifested in her career choice. She's extroverted and pushy, so she makes a great reporter. But she breaks "rules" - which ended up forcing her to go her own way and start her own news site online. She believes this is a way she can fight for "the common folk" by representing them and demanding truths.

She's also very comfortable doing battle and war reporting, part of her personality that led her to the green ajah to begin with. If she was every found to learn to channel, she'd probably have the same talents with warfare and earthsinging (particularly earth delving --- Nikolai would find a kinship with her, probably). She doesn't particularly care about international politics so long as the common folk are taken care of. Who cares whose on the throne so long as they're a good king, kind of mentality. She'd also probably be pretty competent if she ever learned some basic hand-to-hand combat techniques or wielded a firearm. But she's never done yet.

All in all, I try to take the motivations behind a character and reuse the motivations but in a modern era. I dont know if this is helpful or painfully obvious stuff, but that's how I picture her.

It's also part of why I can't wait to RP with her and Jaxen. She would have loved Loki, as she has a kinship with the "bad boys" of the group.
*swoon* I love Lythia-Lawrence.

Do I know who _______ is or is that secret?? (I have a guess, I think, but I don't know if I know who all your characters were)

ETA: Never mind, I have been enlightened [Image: 7.png]Edited by Thalia, Nov 5 2017, 04:37 PM.
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Let me know if you want to use the rescue of Natalie for anything specific. The only thing I ask is that you don't kill Alistair. You can throw him to his monsters and leave him to 'die' which would fit my plan perfectly, but I need him 'alive'.
Alistair left alive. *makes note.

Got it! Can I beat him up a little?
Only darkness shows you the light.

As long as he ain't dead you can do whatever you need to do.

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