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Jaxen's thread of wiki stuff
(02-09-2023, 03:27 PM)Thalia Wrote:
(02-09-2023, 01:41 AM)Jaxen Marveet Wrote: Does this discharge your blackmail?

Weeell, not entirely. You still have to update Jai's page. That was a request straight from the boss-lady, and you wouldn't want to disappoint the boss-lady 

But well done on the rest *patpat*

"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
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I guess you're done now.

Good to know the blackmail works though...
"Rivers are veins of the earth through which the lifeblood returns to the heart."
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Probably shouldn't have revealed that weakness. 

Good job. You can get pick a prize out of the bucket.
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
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Entry: Vladamir 

Vladamir is the second son of the Lord of Fal Sion, a Fortress Keep along Shienar’s border with the Blight.

They held off many raids throughout their history. When he was 16 years old, the niece and nephew of the King arrived. In company was their daughter, Lady Graciela Togita, aged 14, who was there to meet the two sons of the Lord of the Keep. Whichever of the brothers she was deemed to be most compatible with would become her betrothed. It was an immense honor for Fal Sion, let alone for the Armendariz Household, and they were welcomed with open arms. Xavier, aged 18, was the oldest of the two. He was cool-headed, respectful and honorable, but it was Vladamir, aged 16, whose studious nature she was most comfortable, and it was him that she chose though he never would know it. The announcement was to be shared at a ceremonial dinner, but a raid befell the Keep. Alarms sounded and all rushed away in defense.

A Sister of the Green Ajah had accompanied the royal family. Her efforts saved the Keep, and she was honored the following day. When the young lord Vladamir presented himself, she stiffened alarmingly. The Aes Sedai had only ever bestowed one other Foretelling in her life, and what she declared would become her second. The young man that stood before her was destined to save the life of an Aes Sedai whose fate it was to save thousands. The prophecy was impossible to interpret except that he felt compelled to become a warder. It was his decision, but the guilt of many lives was on his conscious if he did not walk the road south.

Vladamir was not even 17 when he was taken in by the trainers at the White Tower. His shame was kept quiet. He felt as if he abandoned his life, brother and family at the border, but neither could he live with the guilt of not living up to the foretelling. He didn’t even know if he was suppose to be a warder for an Aes Sedai, but he knew that if he did not try, he would never be able to live with the shame. He severed all ties to Shienar as a trainee in Tar Valon. He shaved the long hair that identified his culture and dropped any claim to nobility. Only his formality remained evidence of his upbringing. He wrote no letters home.

Lady Graciela wed his older brother after she came of age. They went on to have two children, Misaki, a girl, whose name means Blossom in the Old Tongue, and then Kenta, a boy, whose name means Strong in the Old Tongue.

He was eventually bonded to a fierce and formal wolf-sister of the Green Ajah, Caia’li Sedai. Their relationship was one of close friendship but always remained professional and formal. They met in the world of dreams. The wolf-sister Green found a floundering dreamer who knew not how to navigate tel’aran’rhiod. It was her that taught him some of its ways, but she was strict, and she made him swear to never enter the dreamworld until he could control the impulses there. Many years passed before he felt his promise was upheld.

He was honored beyond belief to be considered worthy of serving a Green sister. Pride held his head high at her side, and he felt the hand of destiny when they journeyed to the borderlands. However, his service was relatively short lived as she was soon appointed a Sitter of the Ajah. Vladamir found himself anchored to Tar Valon with his Aes Sedai, far from the cry of battle that his pride said he should defend. Resentment in himself grew, but he suppressed the growing doubt as long possible. He never shared these feelings with another soul.

As Vladamir grew restless in the White Tower, he began to wander the world of dreams more and more. He’d become a staple of the training grounds, mentored many and was a familiar face in the library, where reading poetry and philosophy gave him something to do. But it was a man named Edwin Natin that really began to open his eyes, figuratively speaking. They met in the Dreamworld.

He has yet to discover that Edwin was the dreadlord Arikan in disguise, manipulating and subtly compelling Vladamir into doing his bidding in the waking world. The restlessness in the warder came to a sharper edge, and his behavior was oddly stiff, even for his reputation.

It was when Caia’li finally sensed the growing difference in her warder that she had his mind delved for contamination. Asha’man Kentrillo, whose skill with healing was widely known, performed the deed. Vladamir heeled himself to the probe, but it was not without extreme caution. Arikan’s influence dug deep.

Quote:“This man. Did you recognize him? Could you describe him?" Kent knew of a few frequenters of the Dream, but more importantly knew several faces of Asha'man and Dreadlords capable of Compulsion. Yet, if this was Compulsion, Vladamir would not likely know of his own manipulation. Unless the attacker was interrupted, or unskilled. Perhaps his Aes Sedai had felt the effects through the bond. "What makes you think he used saidin on him?" he asked Caia'li, all but ignoring the man less than an arm's length in front of him.

Whether or not Kent meant for him to answer, Vladamir interrupted the conversation taking place without him. He did not wait for the Sitter's permission. "I did not recognize him."

Caia'li stepped forward and laid her hand upon Kentrillo's upper arm, close enough that her dexterity with the Power could not hope to defend herself should the man turn on her with weapon, body or saidin. She kept her gaze on her Warder, as open for him to read as the bond made her. ”Please, Vladamir.” Her hand fell from the other man, but she remained defenceless in his reach. Every action the injured man took reinforced her suspicions and raised her demand that he be released immediately, but she did not wish to restrain him against his will.

"He is not himself," Kent spoke quietly into the Sitter's ear beside him, as if in agreement to her earlier claims. "I may be forced to disarm him."

Eyes hardening with the imagination of conspiracy, he flicked between their faces, undifferentiating their whispers even at this distance.  "I am right here!”

-Business with Lianora


Vladamir is distinctly Shienaran, both in appearance and in weapons. He carries one sword crossed on his back, hilt appearing over one shoulder. On the rare occasion as Caia'li leaves the shining walls, he carries a short sword and dagger at the waist. Armor is primarily leather and mail, although there is rarely need for it these days. His scalp is shaved over the ears, and a long top knot hangs from above. Vladamir's honor is renown around the training yards, and he has a penchant for standing up for any woman of the Tower no matter who they are. 

Quote:Vladamir’s tension was palpable. He was always on edge, but Lythia was so accustomed to his behavior, she hadn’t really noticed it until the gleeman’s taunts. She didn’t think he laughed a day in his life, or if he did, it wasn’t in her company. Nor did she think he shared the company of anyone besides his chaste bondmate. He kept quarters in the warder’s wings. Everyone knew where to find Vladamir when he was needed. If he wasn’t in Caia’li’s shadow, then he was training. Always training, though for what Lythia couldn’t fathom. Sharing even more intimate company was absolutely never a consideration for the Shienaran. He’d come to the Tower the same year Lythia became a novice, and they were practically the same age, or so she guessed. He’d been a breath past puberty and facial hair and muscle came later. He was a boy when he arrived and never again left. The warder was probably still a virgin. Light, let Caia’li take some pity on the poor man.

Which was likely to explain the stone-cold tension locking his jaw for Zahir's innuendo.
“You were punched in the face and tripped over your own feet, gleeman. You're lucky to be alive. That's hardly impressive,” Vladamir said, tone flat, arms crossed.

-Lythia Sedai, The Gilded Gleeman

Current life and all that stuffs
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
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The Kao clan runs the Singapore Syndicate, which has expanded its holdings to Moscow in alliance with the Japanese Yakuza. Across all of Southeast Asia, the Syndicate runs gambling circuits, casinos, clubs, drug and human trafficking.

Zixin Kao is grandson and second heir of the Syndicate’s patriarch. He was raised in Malaysia, but well-traveled throughout all of Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. He attended university in Mumbai ,and it was there he met and befriended Jaxen Marveet. He taught Jaxen much of what he knows about the criminal underworld.


There is no denying that Zixin is a very handsome man. With his chiseled features and piercing eyes, it is easy to see why he is considered one of the most attractive men in Singapore. However, what makes Zixin so handsome is not just his physical appearance, but also his mysterious personality and arrogant demeanor. He can be seen posing for pictures along with his celebrity-status little sister, which only highlights his killer glances and impeccable style. 

He has a tattoo in Latin that spans the breadth of his chest. It reads “Acta non verba” (Deeds, not words).


Zixin is largely amoral. The only realm in which the darkness parts is when it concerns his family. To them, he is loyal as a demon to its own kind, but his ruthlessness plays by the rules. He isn’t a homicidal maniac. He’s a criminal, and a damn good one and thinks of himself as a sophisticated one. Something better than the petty thief or bloodthirsty murderer. He is great, and he enjoys the recognition particularly from the denizens of the underworld.


As a Kao, he is highly connected to the criminal underworld. He knows martial arts, having studied the tradition since childhood. His mind is too wild to master it though. He prefers the easy kill of a gun to the head, but when stealth and quiet is required, will resort to the knife, but if given the choice, prefers to give the orders. Less messy that way.


Zixin is a soul spun out by the wheel frequently. He is an agent of evil balancing the Pattern with darker threads. If there was an evil dark equivalent of the Heroes of the Horn, he would be one. Instead, he is often spun out opposite a great hero and usually perishes at their hand. As a soul, he is strongly inclined toward evil, and his legends are usually retold as the deeds of some sort of serpent, dragon or demon.

2nd Age - He would have been a contributor to the Collapse, the hundred years prior to the War of Shadow broke when society became sick and twisted. He ran the gladiatorial rings that saw people fight to the death, usually profiting off the money earned. If he survives long enough, he would have joined the Shadow in the war.

3rd Age - A darkfriend loyal to the Dreadlord Arikan who survives the persecution of Arikan’s followers after the defeat at Tar Valon.

4th Age - This would be the rebirth in which he is at his most powerful. A channeler serving the Emperor of Seanchan, his name goes down in legend as a demon that inspires future Hebrew mythologies of the following Ages. He was depicted with a lion's head and a serpentine body with eagle wings.

5th Age -  Aži Dahāka (Persian), depicted as a three-headed dragon with a body filled with lizards and snakes that could infect the world when released, and wings that can darken the skies when fully spread. He was a servant of Ahriman, the father of lies and personification of evil in Persian mythology.

6th Age - El Dragón de Tlatelolco (Aztec), depicted as a dragon and described as a giant, fire-breathing being that lived in the lake near the city of Tlatelolco. He was defeated by the hero Huitzilopochtli.

7th Age - Beowulf’s Bane (Germanic). He is the final enemy of the hero, Beowulf and described as a nocturnal, treasure-hoarding, inquisitive, vengeful, fire-breathing creature that mortally wounds Beowulf just before being slain himself.
Syndicate wiki (update)

The Syndicate is an organized crime group operated by the Kao clan of Singapore with influence and business all across southeast Asia. Their major criminal activities include illegal gambling, extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking, and human smuggling drug trafficking, and money laundering. They operate a large number of casinos and clubs in idyllic backdrops of the Asian islands that serves as get-aways for the wealthy.

They have arrangements with the Japanese Yakuza and American Cartels to expand business into Moscow, opening a string of similar clubs within the city. The russian mafia has been excluded from these deals.

The current operator of business in Moscow has been Sheng Lo, with the day to day and handling of all Syndicate affairs handled by Yun Kao, an estranged granddaughter of the Kao clan. Both were killed by Zixin Kao when he arrived in Moscow to take over affairs.

Known Associates

Sheng Lo – Leader of the Moscow based Syndicate
Yun Kao – Leader of the Moscow based Syndicate
Ursula Wirth – A judge allied with Yun Kao
Slav – Yun’s right hand
Chadham – One of Yun’s officers
all done
"Rivers are veins of the earth through which the lifeblood returns to the heart."
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"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
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Ezvin Marveet:

Ezvin Scionov Marveet was born into a life of privilege and wealth, but he never quite fit the mold of what Scion expected him to become. He was the product of Scion's second marriage, which had ended in a bitter divorce that left him somewhat estranged from his father, although they are on stable terms now. From a young age, Ezvin knew he had a different path to tread. He was only a few years younger than his half-brother Maksim, and the two shared a deep and unbreakable bond. While they were close, they were both quite distinct in their personalities and interests.

Ezvin had little interest in joining the ranks of Scion’s corporation. He had an innate passion for music, a talent that had emerged at an early age, and he nurtured these gifts. From the moment he picked up a guitar and composed his first song, it was clear that music was his true calling. He decided to make a name for himself in the music industry as a producer and a singer-songwriter, a path that earned him both recognition and respect in his own right. For years he has attempted to convince Maksim to record a label, though his half-brother continues to resist the idea.

Ezvin was unapologetically single, not out of an inability to find a partner but because he had no desire to settle down or become a parent. Over the years, he had many boyfriends who came and went, but none managed to tie him down. He was a free spirit, reveling in the independence his career afforded him. He was known for his strong-willed nature as well, which often manifested in his creative pursuits, but it was balanced with a kind and compassionate, if someone mischievous, heart. He had a protective instinct that extended to his family, especially to Maksim and his half-sisters. The wild and unpredictable Jaxen took care of himself.

Ezvin was the type of person who effortlessly made friends from all walks of life. He had an uncanny ability to get along with an array of people, from fellow musicians to fans and industry insiders. Like Maksim, he was the life of the party, never one to decline an invitation to an event or gathering. Yet beneath his fun-loving exterior, he wields a strong sense of justice. He doesn’t turn a blind eye to wrongs, and he tolerates no bullshit. In that way, he has much of the personality that Scion hoped Maksim would manifest.


I'll email thal since loading them here is a pain.
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
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