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PPC Roster
Update for Giordano Pirozzi he's dead now.
[Image: machinist.jpg?w=656]

Eliot Lagueux

Youngest son of Baccarat Crystal (Facility Manager of Moscow Head Quarters & Baccarrat Mansion)

Age 21

Supernatural Power: Channeler
Skill: New
Current Strength: 15

The Baccarat Heir:

Brice Lagueux is 62 years old he has just stepped away from running Baccarat Cyrstal. Zurie Brice is 54 years old, both are living comfortably in France at their small manor house near the coast.

Oliver Lagueux is 35 and running the Baccarats many companies, he is the eldest son and he travels around the world to his various companies. His wife and three children live in France near his parents.

Amele and Belisandra, 33 and 31 respectively, married wealthy men and live their lives outside of the Baccarat names, their husbands having their own highly influential families.

Vaden Langueux was an Atharim hunter, he and their Uncle Julien worked together since Vaden was young. They both died when a rogue wolfkin and his pack killed them both. The Atharim stand by their intel, but Eliot knows that it's just a cover up. The intel had not mentioned the wolfkin had a pack, it was that lack of knowledge that killed them, he believes if they had known they would have survived. Vaden was 25 when he died, that was almost four years ago.

Eliot, the youngest and a surprise child, took over the Atharim safe house in Moscow when his brother and uncle both passed simultaneously when Eliot was 17. He was still young, but he wanted to prove himself to his family. He made it his life's work to ensure the safety of the charges who called Moscow home, and to have the best intel that money could buy.

Hospitals and Safe Houses:

Eliot was born when his mother was 37 years old, the surprise of the child was not nearly as surprising as when Eliot arrived in the world. Since his birth he has been in and out of hospitals. He has probably spent more of his life in a hosiptal bed than in his own.

The doctors could not find what was wrong with him no matter the money his father threw at them, or their hospitals.

After the first 10 years of his life, they gave up trying to find answers and just managed his frail little life.

Since there was little Eliot could do he studied the Atharim books. He learned how to treat common injuries and spent what little time he could in the basement of the Baccarat Mansion in Moscow. He curated the library, he stocked the infirmary. It was part of his hobby, and when his Uncle Julien died, he took over full control of the facility. And then, the Regus moved his head quarters to Moscow to his facility to his home. It was a wonderous day, but it was also the scariest day of his life.

Despite being Atharim and knowing the lore, Eliot had a secret. At the age of 20 he had discovered he was a godling - a man who could weild a formidable power that laid waste to the world once. Before he'd found out what he could do he was wracked with the pain and sickness that came with it's useage. But since he was already sickly and took to the hospital many times in his life time, no one thought anything of the fevers and the pain he had, it was just another symptom of his undiagnosed issues.

Those early days learning to control his power had been tough. And when the Regus came to Moscow Eliot had to keep his secret safe, the last thing he wanted was the head of the Atharim to find out the Baccarat name was tainted.
I guess it's time to add Cruz as an PPC.

[Image: B61yMVSCcAEdaxk.png]

Cruz Vega

Son of Dorian and Anastasia Vega - heir to Jivana Corp

Currently Studying Computer Engineering at Moscow University.

Age 21

Channeler: New
Power: 5/20 (if the power is too high let me know Asc)

I will fill more out later when I've thought about it more.
Aylin Milton

Edit: Suppose I ought to add links to Edward and Eleanor Northbrook as well. Alistair will join them eventually, but he's not relevant yet so doesn't have a wiki page.

Edited by Thalia, Aug 12 2016, 04:25 PM.
Aaliyah Zevros
[Image: 8dbbed0b5e9747bcf445f7a20f7de317.jpg]

Aaliyah had Greek parents, but grew up in the Middle East. She is currently the consort of the Egyptian head of the Al Janyar. Aaliyah, however, has no loyalty towards her lover. She is interested in power and in keeping it. Therefore, she is attracted to people with power.

Edited by Giovanni Cavelli, Oct 25 2016, 08:13 PM.
Ephraim Haart -- not much of a bio yet, just important to know he's the head of Paragon and responsible for Soren's eye.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=16]

**Name:** Kali Dagher
**Age:** 23
**Occupation:** Student at Moscow University
**Description:**: (likeness: Ileana D'Cruz)

**Abilities:** Sentient - can manipulate a persons emotions permanently with the touch

Kali grew up in Mumbai, India in a Sentient community that taught her all about her abilities and the spiritual nature of its uses.  Kali was disenchanted with it and left on her own at 18.

Kali was raped at 13 by a man she didn't know.  He was convicted and set to jail, but when Kali was 19 he was let out on good behavior.  She took matters into her own hands, and manipulated him, wound him around her finger before crushing his heart with her ability.  He never knew who she was over the course of the six months she seduced him.  In the end she told him exactly who she was. (Jafar Mustafa)

Kali moved to Paris.  Two months later, there she met Serge Huot, a man who made her feel all the power she had with Jafar.  She manipulated him much the same way she had before using her ability and sex to make him hers.  She confessed her murder of Jafar to him before crushing his heart.  (6 month relationship with Serge Huot)

Immediately after killing Serge she moved to Berlin.  Kali waited another two months before seeing out another victim.  She met Maik Fried, and repeated the process.  Killing him again after 6 months after confessing to her prior murders.

She left Berlin and moved to London where the process continued again, a 2 month wait and a six month courtship with Alfie Hooper before the same confession and results. She then moved to Moscow. 2 months later she began the process again.

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