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If the Dark One was around.....
.....would you join up or stay with the Light?

I struggle with deciding for Nikolai. In the end, I think he would go Forsaken because he would be appalled by the conditions the other Forsaken rule in and he would think he could do so much better as a ruler and set out on some war to conquer everything himself. No matter the cost.

And if serving the dark one was the trade off, so be it.
Mwahahaha! Interesting question.

Soren would for sure end up Forsaken, as a trade off for knowledge. No cost too high.

Oriena would also probably end up on the "dark side", just by her associations and general attitude.

I think the rest would stay with the Light. Though having said that, Thalia could probably go either way, depending on what people she surrounded herself with.
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Aria most definitely yes all the rest would be light fools.
Light all the way.
Only darkness shows you the light.

Forsaken all the way.
Some turnings of the wheel, forsaken; other turnings Light. But not so much to actually serve the dark one or even in it for his own glory, but to give the other Aes Sedai the finger.
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<dt>Dane Gregory</dt>
<dd>Sep 4 2016, 10:38 AM</dd>
Forsaken all the way.
Like this was a surprise!
Cain: definitely a lightfool. He's a total marshmallow.

Evie: ... uh... I have no clue. We'll have to see how her character develops.
We all know Evies alignment....Dark One all the way :-D
It depends I think. I could definitely see her going Forsaken, but if she'd think that the Light would win then maybe [Image: 18.png] I'm not entirely certain about her character just yet. We'll have to see how she grows.

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