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Who's Who
Since we have many writers who write for multiple characters, I thought this might be a handy reference for new members (especially for marrying up characters with their chat handles).

Note: Some people are open about who they write, and some choose to keep it to themselves - either way is fine. It's up to the individual player if they want to make it known or not. Likewise, some people use the chatroom and some don't, so this won't be an exhaustive list. Those people who stick to writing one character and also use chat tend to use that character's name. I can't think of any exceptions, but if there are I will add them to the list.

I have added ALL characters, including retired, deceased, PPC (part time) and inactive.

If you want to be added to the list, post below. Also any amendments, in case I get anything wrong.

Characters: Ascendancy, Daiyu, Danika, Julie Reed, Lawrence Monday
Chat handle: Ascendancy or Asc or Nik

Characters: Hood, Drayson, Jacques.
Chat handle: NumberTwo

Characters: Jaxen Marveet, Dane Gregory (deceased), Jay Carpenter, Evelyn, Ryker, Tristan
Chat handle: Jax or Jaxen, Jay or Jai, or Ryker

Characters: Thalia, Tehya, Oriena, Natalie Grey, Soren, Asha, Morven, Raffe, Tenzin, Sesuna, Vena (PPC), Nhysa
Chat handle: thal or ori

Characters: Michael Vellas, Tony, Damien.
Chat handle: MV

Characters: Ayden, Sierra, Alex (PPC), Nox, Dorian, Ilesha, Sage, Methos, Tan Li,Cruz, Yun, Xander
Deceased characters: Vladmir, Katya, Aurora,  BorovskyAria
Chat handle: Aria or Nox

Characters: Giovanni Cavellli, Calvin, Pytor Grigory, Jared Vanders, Emily Shale, Enrique, Elyse, AntonKiriena
Deceased Characters: Yoshimura
Chat handle: Gio

Characters: Connor Kent, Marcus DuBois, Ivan Sarkozy, Jacinda, BetoRegus (Armande Nicodemus), Mikhail, Idris
Deceased Characters: Lucas, Sebastian
Chat handle: ck or bas

Character: Katya Alokhin
Chat handle: Tamy

Character: Victoria Wolff
Chat handle: justinkayce

Characters: Jon Little Bird, Yuri Obrechennyy, Katchina Makawee, Gwendolyn Peterson, Noah Crow's Eye, Toni Perez
Chat Handle: jlb or Jon Little Bird

Characters: Nick Trano, Seth Marx, Andrew Koehler, Carolyne Weber
Chat Handle: Trano, Freedom, Liberty (or any of his character names, often at the same time)

Characters: Cain Belasis,
Chat Handle: Cain

Characters: Akantha, Zoya Bocharov, Camila
Chat Handle: Zo

Characters: Nika, Akari 
Chat Handle: Nika

Characters: Aiden Finnegan, Rowan Finnegan
Chat Handle: Aiden Finnegan

Also, if you're a social media-ite, there's the facebook page and the Twitter one too.
Asc or Ascendancy - um well Ascendancy, and once upon a time Julie Reed and Lawrence Monday.

Great idea Thal. I pinned the thread to the top of the board for easy finding.
I miss Laurie pestering Jared lol.
I know. Laurie is lurking around the Sierra Leon jungle somewhere.
Yeah, I miss Laurie too. When you have more time you should definitely bring her back.

All updated. I've added Julie and Lawrence, since I've added other non active characters like Connor and Ayden. So long as they aren't dead, they count. [Image: 18.png]

Edit: She didn't make it back to the embassy?

Edited by Thalia, Aug 1 2016, 11:34 AM.
*giggles* what you don't want to list my innumerable dead alts?
No. It would take too long. [Image: 18.png]
I'm doing good to keep up with Asc with an infant keeping me busy, but I'll reactivate them when I can! At least Laurie.

You know I honestly don't remember where I left off with Laurie! Poor girl.
if you were jax I'd say you were just lazy, but since you aren't I know better than to accuse you of that.
LOL. >_<

Yeah, you do good to keep up with a little one Asc.

Laurie escaped with the kids, saw the massacre and then... *goes to check*

Ah, last we saw she was huddled in the jungle with a sole surviving kid, waiting for the the cover of darkness so they could escape. I think it'd be safe to say she made it back though, if only because Jacques being Jacques definitely wouldn't have left that thread hanging. I suppose you can figure that all out later. [Image: 1.png]

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