Female nature-spirits, usually benevolent, who are caretakers of the natural treasures hidden in the earth and tree roots. It’s believed that they reside deep within the Earth under the Himalayas, where they guard the wealth of the Earth

Yakṣaṇī retain the power to disappear at will (suggesting they do not originate from this world) and are able to penetrate both the real and Dream world. Their appearance in both is nominally human, usually portraying themselves as beautiful young women with full breasts and hips.

They are of the eight kinds of nonhuman beings mentioned in Buddhist literature who work to protect Buddhism. Occasionally they appear as demons, though, and are also considered to have a kinship with Rakshasas.

In their male form they are known as Yaksha.

The King of Yakshas, Vaisravana, and the Rakshasa king, Ravana, were both sons of the sage Vishrava.


  • A Yakṣaṇī known as “Yana” responded to Nimeda’s distress in the Dream when Thalia was suffering channeling Sickness. She appeared as a patient in the Guardian mental institute (where Thalia’s sister worked), having been recognised by Aylin in Thalia’s drawings. Thalia mostly interprets this early strange episode of her life as something of a fairy tale, and while it saved her she misremembers it completely. The tattoo on her back is of the creature. There is no woman called Yana at the Guardian now. It is likely the Yakṣaṇī responded out of some recognition or fondness for Thalia’s soul, for they do not usually dwell in this world.


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