“Think about what CCD means for a moment–Central Custody of Dominion.
It’s not the Central Custody of Freedom, or Happiness or Unity or
whatever other nice word you could put there. It’s Domination. In their
very name, they volunteer the truth: They’re not here to help, they’re
here to control as much of the world as they can. The only credit I can
give them is for being honest about it.”

An American political writer named Nicholas Trano has built himself an enormous following.  Love him or hate him, either way, the worldwide influence Nicholas has achieved through the written word is undeniable.  

His online articles and blog posts published by Vulpesnet have since joined The First Age boards.  In a novel presentation of play by post RP, characters can interact with this famous public figure by posting comments — in character, either anonymously or not — to his writings.  

His first article, “Does anyone remember shame?” garnered a huge response, both pro and con.  His blog post titled, “This is a terrible idea,” is sure to have just as partisan a reaction.  With one eye on the Presidency and another critical gaze at the CCD, Nicholas Trano will be a name to remember.   


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