They say doctors make the worst patients.  I beg to differ.  A hungry, wounded, half-anesthetized rougarou makes for a really grumpy patient.  They knocked him out, and the surgery went well, but then he wakes up and tries to eat the nurses.  That’s never a good sign.  The surgeon steps in, but the crazed patient escaped out the window.   

 This plot quickly became complicated.   CDPS agent Drayson was assigned to the case, investigating the circumstances from the CCD perspective.  He has been led to believe the injured patient was dumped at the door to the hospital, and the doctor isn’t telling everything he knows.  Now, his investigation is leading him to the Moscow Underground.

Meanwhile, the small pack of rougarou eliminated the Atharim which were hot on their trails.  Now, two Atharim Furia have been called to the city to step in.  Hunters Rune and Aria are now working with a former Black Ops agent turned Atharim-consultant, John ‘Hood’ White to track the rougarou pack to their haven.  Under orders from higher-ups, they intend on taking one rougarou alive.  

Finally, caught in this mess, we have the enigmatic Jaxen Marveet, who while vulnerable in the throws of Sickness following a daring Fast and the Furious-esque drag race, was captured by the rougarou.  He will probably be the zombie-like creatures’ next “chew toy,” unless the cavalry gets to him in time.  Of course, as a channeler who broke into the Atharim Headquarters for a bit of snooping around, Jaxen is enemy numero uno for the Atharim and not on the best of terms with Hood either.

It looks like the missing NPC Katalina, the current rougarou “chew toy” code-named ‘earless’ has drawn the attention of Michael, a hot-headed channeler, who is en route to save her.  

We’ll see who gets there first, and if everyone can remember they are there to kill the monsters–not each other. 

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