The Scroll

‘The Scroll’ refers to a website and app commonly used by PC’s of 2045. 

It is a ‘clog’ – one of several which have come into popularity the last decade. Essentially it is an aggregate of articles, opinion pieces, and blog posts from writers around the world which can be presented to PCs a number of different ways. 

Primarily, ‘The Scroll’ reads like the ticker tape of the stock market, featuring headlines of new content which can be customized to the character’s preferences. This scroll will embed in websites, Wallet homescreens, television channels, anything with a digital medium. 

However the scroll can also be uploaded and used on any computer or Wallet as a tile grid with articles and links clustered by theme, topic, author, or a number of other preferences.

All posts on this board are meant to be articles written by NPCs or PCs and accessed via The Scroll. Anyone may post on this board, but if so, format the post as you would any other article, blogpost, or news story. Include the source that published it and the author’s name. Provide an opportunity for other PCs/NPCs to comment in the replies. 

This board differs from the Current Events forum. That forum functions as headlines from around the CCD which writers can use as jumping off points for plots. This board is strictly works published online, but may be discussing the events referenced in the Current Events forum. 

For an example of how to format posts, please see Does Anyone Remember Shame – by Nicholas Trano.


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