Two of our writers have devised a plot centering around sudden destabilization of a formerly reliable country in western Africa.  Check it out below, and jump in the plot if you want to get involved!  

In recent years, large deposits of rhodium have been discovered in Sierra Leone, Africa.  Before this point, the two major producers of this rare metal have been Russia and South Africa.

So, the US and Chinese companies have been aggressively expanding into the Sierra Leonean market, producing modern mines and processing plants, while the CCD has been trying to do the same to maintain control of the rhodium market.

Rhodium is needed to make things like catalytic converters in cars and heavy machinery, as well as a variety of other purposes.  Very valuable market (ballparks at $45,000 a kilo)
Embracing it’s long and sordid history of military coups and uprisings, there is another coup.

The president is killed, and the two dominate tribes start duking it out bloody like, attacking civilian targets as everything falls apart.

Military splits down the middle, main hospital in Freetown is destroyed as the badly wounded president is rushed there for treatment after a failed assassination attempt, and things generally go downhill fast.

Then on top of that, Liberia has been eyeballing the resource rich south-east Sierra Leone, and will likely make a move to seize a portion of the country, possibly with the support of the Temni tribe faction.  So it’ll be a civil war/invasion.

This has been secretly encouraged by the CCD to assure the rhodium market continues to be almost entirely under their own control.  Destabilizing the region like that would likely lead to a decade or more of unrest, making the region untenable for mining/export.

Legion Premiere, an independent security company that operates with military-precision, has taken contracts in the region.  This will bring the CEO of the Legion, Jacques, and one of his Legionnaires, Jay, into the thick of the danger.  Meanwhile, Red Cross worker Natalie, a woman with important political connections in the CCD, will also be present.  

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