Elias Donvovan, aged 20

This plot began with the introduction of a new character, Elias Donovan.  

Originally from Utah, Elias attended college in New Zealand at the university where his uncle was a marine biologist.  One day, while seeking a curious ‘particle signature’, Elias’ uncle never returned.  It soon became clear that the university was not going to investigate the strange disapperance, so Elias took matters into his own hands, a course which led him to Moscow State University.

While waiting on a meeting with yet another disappeared professor, in A New Life Elias met Tony Soloyov. They quickly identified each other as channelers investigating the same mystery and together confronted MSU’s chancellor.

After an interrogation that left the chancellor nearly brain-dead, Tony and Elias learn several mysterious details:

  • What is going on has been covered up by major institutions, including MSU.
  • The American and Chinese governments have been involved.
  • These disappearances are all related.
  • The Chancellor fears what may be found.
  • Their only lead is a seemingly insignificant place in the Moscow river.

“Here the Chancellor paused for a moment, perhaps reconsidering, but Tony urged him on with an encouraging smile. “However, there was another team.” Tony’s curiosity spiked at the man’s tone. “They…They took our findings. The team, all of it. When we began our investigation, others started to disappear as well.” Tony did not have to ask why. It was a burden the man seemed to be glad to unload. ”

— A New Life

Stay tuned to follow Elias and Tony as they gather more allies and Elias tries to find his uncle and what secrets are hidden in the sea! 

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