Basic Stats

Age: 26
D.O.B: ?/?/2018
Origin: Moscow, Russia
Current Location: Moscow, Russia
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Occupation: Cop, Inspector with the CCDPD
Alignment: True Neutral
Loyalty: CCD
Played By: Lih

Psychological description

Quiet, modest, restraint. Cool-headed under pressure. Admires those who blazed with confidence, power and drive due to his own awkwardness around others. Enjoys a good smoke. 

Proud of his work, his place in society; loyal to the CCD. He’s interested in, but not quite believes in, strange creatures and loves to read stories.

Physical description

Hair is white blonde all over, even his eyebrows and eyelashes are so pale they look barely there

Vitya’s feline blue gaze is bright, striking even– but his eyesight is poor in strong light. He often wears sunglasses inside to shield his eyes from the fluorescent lights, much to the consternation of his senior CCDPD officers. 

Vitya is pale skinned, lithe and extraordinarily graceful thanks to his years of ballet training. If he didn’t join the police force, he could have forged a career as a celebrated dancer.

His refined features are inherited from his Japanese immigrant father. His slenderness and height are from his mother, who worked as an in-house fit model for a designer couture house.


Viktor, or “Vitya” as is his love-name from his parents, is a regular cop, just your run-of-the-mill inspector from CCDPD. He spends his days at the station mostly intercepting transmissions via the micro-bead woven into his uniform, smoking cigarettes, and making that sweet CCD cash. 

Vitya doesn’t know it yet, but he’s joining the domovoi off the books due to an incident in 2046 with monsters that got him noticed.

Year 2018

Viktor “Vitya” Lih was born to a small, interracial family in the heart of a major port known to the outside world as Sevastopol. Interracial couplings were not uncommon in Lih’s hometown. Consider for a moment, the accessibility and location of the city’s harbors. Its robust economy boosted by foreign trade on the back of the CCD cash. It was a peaceful place, filled with warm summers. Tourists came and spent their credits, often at an unfavorable exchange for CCD credit, at their famed seaside resorts. 

Vitya’s father was a trader on a Japanese oil boat who toured all over Asia and Europe until he settled down here with Vitya’s mother, a Russian model turned dancer. It was a summer love which resolved into pregnancy and an unexpectedly happy marriage. They did not have a lot in common except their shared interest in studying archaic lore, texts and histories. When Vitya was young, both his parents would read him bedtime stories of folk legends and mythos from their respective countries. 

He was a “half”, mixed genetically and perhaps it was due to this odd recessive gene somewhere Vitya was an albino, colorless except his blue bright eyes and red lips. It was partially due to his unusual looks he was bullied during school. The main reason he’d been bullied was because of his taking ballet at his mother’s insistence.

However, Vitya did not wish to become a dancer.

He moved to Moscow and tested for the CCDPD as soon as he reached the age requirement. It was the only way he knew how to live, to find her.

He remembered when his dream first occurred, then re-occurred from time to time of a Furia. Always the same dream.

Unlike his parents’ stories she was beautiful, not the ugly hag of retribution he’d heard about. 

Surrounded by a golden light. It hurt his light-sensitive eyes.

The Furia wore a suit of intricately-worked armor so fine and form-fitting it was dazzling. Beneath the golden plate, she wore a tightly-wound body suit. Her head was covered by a white battle helm. Eyes an impossible green, so fierce and bright Vitya had to look away. She was terrible to look at, her body under its golden armor and clawed gloves incomprehensible to him.

She smiled, looking down at Vitya. 

What a terrible smile to behold.

“Let us seek justice and clean this land.”

“Yes,” was all he could say. Resentment and vengeance simmered inside him…

When he woke he realized he was weeping, but he didn’t care. Devotion to her kept him true to his sworn duty. 

But one-day Vitya hoped to find her. He kept looking for signs of her existence. She’d know him.



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