Noah Crow’s Eye

Noah Crow’s Eye is an elder of the Oconaluftee Cherokee tribe who occupy a small reservation in western North Carolina. Currently he serves as his tribe’s representative to the Council of Native Americans. Noah is an accomplished dreamwalker and his dreams have strong prophetic powers. He has significant understanding of various supernatural creatures. Additionally, he has also treated several individuals afflicted with the Sickness, including one who died in his care under unknown circumstances.
Noah is of average height, and has parched and wrinkled skin that matches his raspy voice. He has high cheekbones and wide-set eyes, and has long, white hair he keeps in two neat braids that lay across his shoulders and stretch nearly to his waist.


Jon Little Bird Biography Noah met Jon Little Bird after receiving a prophetic dream about the man. Jon had suffered mild injuries from an attack by an unknown creature, and Noah convinced Jon to follow him home. There, Noah drugged Jon under the pretense of treating his injuries. He kept Jon asleep for eight days. When Jon awoke, Noah tricked Jon into drinking peyote, and, with the assistance of several other elders, tied Jon down as he experienced his first reaction to channeling. Noah later told Jon that his dream had told him that if Jon’s first reaction had taken place under any other circumstances it would have led to his death.
Glimmers of a Dream Noah spies upon the encounter between Jon Little Bird, Bear-who-Runs-on-Ice and Nimeda in The Spirit World. In this post it is revealed to the reader that Noah was once a member of the Atharim.



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