One of 6 named Drakaina from myth, she is one of two surviving ones in modern times.

She was a monstrous creature from the region of Delphi, and often described in relationship to the oracle of Delphi. She issued forth from her dwelling at night to prey on handsome young men. The oracle decreed the only way to sate her was to offer a sacrifice in the form of a beautiful young man. When one such youth was chosen, a hero, in love with the youth, took his place. Upon confronting Sybaris, he threw her off the mountainside and she was never seen again.

Based off her legends, a city was eventually founded and named after her.

In fact, a Sybarite was a native of the city of Sybaris, an ancient Greek city in southern Italy. Sybarites were stereotyped as seekers of pleasure and luxury, and “sybarite” and “sybaritism” now connote such sensualism.

Like the other lamia, she possesses prophetic powers. She also hungers after the blood of handsome men and can cast a sort of blood control-spell upon them to do her bidding if they taste her blood.

Sybaris featured in A Visiting Professor.



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