A Vetala is a vampire-like jinn from Hindu mythology. They are known to create a soul-sucking miasma around them that can drive people mad and cause miscarriages, and will often toy with a victim days or weeks before an attack. Though they consume blood for physical need, they have psychic characteristics driving them to particularly hunt those with a great force of will, creativity, those destined for greatness, and channelers. While feeding they can erase the memory of attack, meaning they may prey on the same victims multiple times before death or moving on to a new source. Vetala pairs share the same feeding source but cannot share a body.

Vetalas thrive on their sense of life energy, using it to find the best hosts. Such dark mastery allows them to possess corpses or even overwhelm the minds of living creatures. With these stolen masks and the resources of abducted lives, they work their foul wills.

They have amazing physical strength and a paralyzing bite. Appearance wise they pass for human, with bloodless skin and sharp fangs and claws. They can be difficult to differentiate from other Vampiric species.

In Hindu Mythology, there are many stories of the Deities and Pious Kings overcoming the Vetalas. Once they are overpowered and enslaved they can be very loyal and protective of their master. Hindu myths speak of stories of Vetalas who readily give up their lives for their masters, most of whom they consider their closest friends.

Since Vetala retain knowledge and sometimes even memory from those they possess or drain, they are a font of knowledge.

These creatures were originally a creation of the Hindu god Betal, and intended to protect local communities. The vicious, wild remnants of this Age nearly always hunt in pairs, entirely loyal and protective of one another. They can be male or female, and hunt in same sexed or mixed pairs.



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