Psychological description

Victoria is decisive, and driven woman. While young, the entirety of her adult life has been serving as a solider, serving the Custody. Paired with a rigorous and austere childhood, Victoria has grown into a hard woman. Truthfully, her career almost defines her. Outwardly she is almost cold; yet respectful to her superiors, and fair to her soldiers. As an unfortunate side effect, she comes across as stiff, unfriendly, through a reluctance to drop formality. She holds a constant desire to ensure things are done properly, both by the book, and morally correct; justice was instilled in her from a young age.
To those who know her well, who she lets in, Victoria is warmer. The formality relaxes somehow, revealing a high strung, yet still confident, mood. Even in her hobbies, Victoria mostly keeps to herself, mainly exploring both a love of reading, and playing the piano, a memento of her youth.

Basic Stats

Age: 24
D.O.B: April 4, 2022.
Origin: Munich, Dominance VII
Current Location: Jerusalem, Dominance V
Height: 175 cm (5’9)
Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Occupation: Colonel, CCD armed forces
Reborn God: Athena
Power: 18/31
Ability: Adept
Talent: N/A.
Loyalty: CCD
Played By: justinkayce

Physical description

Victoria is slightly taller than average, at 5’9″, with the body of a solider; lean, well toned, and fit enough to carry her packs and drag a man out of fire if needed. She stays at practically peak physical condition. Victoria refuses to be seen as weak compared to her men, especially as a frontline officer. She is attractive, in a harsh way. Grey eyes that carry the same piercing, hard look many soldiers have, and a fair complexion a result of her German heritage. She keeps her light brown hair short enough, to the shoulders, and usually tied back.
When out of uniform, her clothes are always practical; commonly boots, canvas trousers, and a jacket that will hide a holster. She will occasionally wear makeup, but it is usually a matter of forgetting. Not something she has on campaign. Her weapons are nothing fancy; the standard rail gun and side arm the rest of her troops are issued with.


Victoria was born to Friedrich and Ada Wolff, in Munich, Germany. It was 2022, three years before Europe would finally bow to the Ascendancy. As it was, Germany was collapsing into a Depression worse than the inter-war inflation. The Wolff family lived comfortably enough. Friedrich was a lawyer, and Ada was a member of the Bundestag. Victoria’s earliest memories were of chaos in their uptown Bavaria home as the country prepared to let itself be annexed. Ada was one of the politicians fully for it; if Friedrich ever held doubts, he kept them quiet. Victoria was taught as she grew that the Ascendancy had saved Germany from ruin, far worse than any world war could have brought. The only differing opinion she ever heard was that of her grandfather; retired Generalmajor Wilhelm Wolff. Victoria’s father represented a break in a long tradition of military officers in the Wolff family, one the family mostly took pride in, even with the connotations that brought in the twentieth century.
Her childhood was a good one, even if at the time it was not seen as such. While not being a solider, Friedrich carried on the parenting methods of his own father, who happily assisted while he lived with them. It was an austere household, with Victoria dealing with a lot of discipline. Wake up early, ensure her homework was always done on time, her grades could not slip, she had to stay in shape, she had to attend military cadets. For a time, she tried to rebel, but her house was stauncher than a boot camp. Resistance was crushed. It was not as bad as that, however; her parents encouraged her to make friends, which Victoria herself actively shied away from. Her classmates found the strange little military girl funny, and school can be harsh for teasing. Her mother instilled a love both of reading, and music in her; both would remain with her throughout her life. As a result, Victoria drew in on herself. The majority of her social interactions came from her military cadets, which she not only did well in, but started to excel at. There was a spark within her, a natural talent for leadership. The natural family talent, her grandfather bragged proudly.
As Victoria grew, little changed much in her life. Her mother advanced in the ranks of the Custody bureaucracy, finding herself Overseer of Bavaria, thanks to her long experience in the Bundestag. Her mother inspired her a lot; Victoria’s attention was drawn to politics as well, appreciating the ability to actually help people, do good, make an impact. As she came close to finishing school, her discipline placing her at the top of her class, she found herself split between the pressure of her two conflicting paths. A short talk with her grandfather, and what she could only describe as a gut feeling had Victoria applying for Officer’s Training shortly after graduating.
Her longstanding experience in the Cadets, high recommendations from her officers, and top physical shape passed her through easily enough. While young, Victoria had a natural ability for command and tactics. A near childhood studying it had certainly helped as well, and as much as she hated to admit it, her family name made an impression on the local officers. Once again, Victoria’s discipline and drive, while making few friends with her stand-offish nature, placed her near the top of her class. Within the year, she had passed with flying colours, and quickly requested a front line command. The silent desire to make a difference, to help, had not left her.
Victoria found herself in Army Division ‘Panzer’, stationed in the more tumultuous Dominance V, bordering the chaotic African continent. While there was nothing major, Victoria’s competence when issues did arise saw her swiftly promoted, superior’s taking note of her quietly getting on with things. It seemed that she was truly dedicated to the Custody; and for the most part, she was. However, her grandfather’s words always tingled at the back of her mind. Warnings about dictators, and German history. Yet the Ascendancy couldn’t be as bad as that, could he?
It was 2045 when Victoria found herself properly thrust into a war. As Major for the 3rd Regiment, Victoria was on the front lines when al’Hasan’s rebellion arose, so ‘Thirteenth Imam’. The Third saw action throughout the entirety of the campaign, and Victoria refused to be off the front lines if her soldiers were on them. It was at this time that Victoria snapped, for the first time. Before being sent on one final, heavy push, Victoria saw a young man, with an air of authority, walking through their camp. While he should’ve been nothing special, he seemed to trigger something within her. Unbeknownst to Victoria, she was a channeler; not just that, but she had been woven into the Pattern before, ages ago, as the goddess Athena, Goddess of War. The man had, in another life time, been her father. A father she had killed. Her head reeling from the connections that she couldn’t even think about, Victoria shipped out. Within mere hours, the Third’s luck had turned so badly that her battalion was pinned down, and surrounded in a small village. When the small group she was with was cut off, running low on ammunition, the house they were camped in was finally breached by some of the rebels.
And Victoria channeled.
It wasn’t anything impressive. A few, random weaves of destruction that sent men running, screaming in fear. Her men hadn’t noticed, those who had survived, anyhow. The survivors would put it down to a surprise artillery bombardment, a miracle. What else could it be?
After those heavy casualties, the Third was pulled out. That was when the ‘Sickness’ hit her. Putting it down to a combination of a virus, and after battle effects, Victoria was left to a week of agony. When she came to, al’Hasan was dead, the war was over, and news of her colonel’s death in battle was brought to her. Immediately after came the news of her promotion, to Colonel of the Third. She was given a short time to rest and recuperate, before being thrust back into it once again. Not that Victoria minded, in truth. That was what she had signed up for, she enjoyed her job. The issue was trying to figure out what she was.
As the Third moved onto its new mission, dealing with the remaining rebels who had gone to ground and her refusing to give up, Victoria grew to realise what she was. As much as she could. She had powers. Some kind of powers. anyhow. Whatever it was, she could manipulate things; not when she tried, oddly enough. It took her a while to realise she could only use her powers in battle. Even longer to place it to the pistol in her hand. Was it magic? That was foolish, it couldn’t be. She gave up, after a while, and just quietly accepted it for what it was. Her powers seemed to be more than just throwing out destruction, as well. She found that when talking to people, if holding her gun, she could drift emotions to suit her. A particularly angry local with information, calm him enough to give it to her. Her soldiers worried, about to break; strengthen their courage. Victoria barely realised she was doing it, most of the time. Just another one of those things.
A year on from the first channeling, and her life is returning to a degree of normalcy. While the worry about her power was constantly there, Victoria could deal with it. It didn’t change, it didn’t fluctuate. She could find herself just living; commanding her men when needed, and when taken off the campaign mission for rest, simply live in her Jerusalem quarters. She’d come to love the city, and if her rooms weren’t big, they were comfortable. Home.
The Ascendancy’s announcement threatens to tear that all apart.
As part of the counter insurgency operation she is leading in Dominance V, Victoria questioned a local Elder about the whereabouts of an insurgency cell he is supporting. After initial struggles, Victoria is eventually successful in using her power over emotions to get him to talk. Using the intel gained, Victoria leads the Third to raid the insurgency base in the cave. After a fierce battle, Victoria is attacked by a monster made of mist (actually an Ijiraq), Victoria is forced to channel, revealing her powers to one of her officers. Upon her return home, Victoria hears the Ascendancy’s announcement, making the knowledge of Channeling public. As a result, she quickly signs the forms making her powers known to the CCD. Her application is swiftly processed, and practically straight away, she is summoned to for a meeting with her immediate superior; Major General Martin Stanko. After a brief discussion, and a demonstration of powers, Stanko informs her she is being redeployed to Berlin, on orders of General of the Ground Forces, Bader Koertig.



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