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An interesting phenomenon occurs when two so-called monsters inhabit the same hunting grounds. They territorialize and sometimes even work together. But in a case where there is an over abundance of monsters, and no food, things get dicey.

In a recent study where Chupacabra were introduced into the lair of a Rougarou, there was essential conflict and much unnecessary death. Until one Rougarou survived the Chupacabra attack and the parasite spread accordingly. This unique creature, deemed Zero, became more ‘zombie’ like than either of the creatures while maintaining both inherent instincts. The Chupacabra’s desire to spread and kill were only exasperated by the Rougarou’s intensity to feed upon humans and spread their mutation.

The new creatures deemed CxR is more aggressive than either subject, and the parasitic nature has created a sort of hive mind allowing the pack to hunt as one.

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Extraction of the parasite has been successful and transferring it to other hosts confirmed replication of the new creature. However the mutation deteriorates the creatures outward appearance but does not seem to hinder their mobility or viability.

Subjects gain a voracious hunger, need to procreate and violent tendencies. They succumb to the hive mind with close proximity, with distance, the subjects retain their individuality for a time. But the hive always wins.

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Human testing has commenced and we are unable to control the specimen outside of lab facilities. Several escaped Zero’s control into the tunnels. We hope to recapture them before major incident.

The heat is growing against our experiment and we have moved to underground bunkers.

The bunker has been compromised and all of the test subjects have escaped.

Dr. Alistair Pavlo has gone missing and records indicate the infestation in the tunnels has been noticed by government officials. Eradication efforts have begun. The experiment has been terminated except in one small lab. Project CxR deemed a failure for super soldier serum. However, it is being reconsidered as a biological weapon.

Project CxR reopened. A vial of blood obtained from an anonymous source appears to have a viable protein marker and none of the effects of degradation seen in the prior subjects. Unfortunately the patient in question is also the same thorn in our side during the eradication period.

Video footage of the Patient X controlling the creatures was found, but has since been eliminated from the system and we are unable to verify the existence of it at all.

Capture of Patient X is required for further testing and elimination.



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