Zéphyrine Hughes (ppc)

Privilege of Dominance VII

Age: 49
Education: Medical Doctor and pharmacologist, Imperial College of London
Source of wealth: Pharmaceuticals, controlled substances; Top-ten wealthiest individuals in the world.
Est. 2044 sales: $102 billion
Net worth: $63 billion
Profile: Dr. Hughes early career was spent researching addictive properties of neuroactive substances such as cocaine, amphetamines, and opioids. Zepharma was founded shortly before CCD legalization of controlled substances and primarily produced anti-addiction medications. However, after the legalization process allowed for distribution of laboratory grade synethetic psychoactive recreational drugs, the company was the first on the market with classes of easily digested, rapid absorbing psychoactive chemicals now sold around the globe in ZEF machines – an electronic vending machine dispensing system found on street corners around the globe. ZEF drugs provide clean, non-addictive highs, euphoria, stimulants or pleasant auras. Due to minor risk of dependance, the drugs are purchased by a wide range of individuals. Recent deals have seen combination ZEF drugs incorporated into specialty latte’s, chocolate, and even cocktails.
: Government



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