Emilio Vega, founder and CEO of Jivana Industries, is a self made man. His fortune came from innovated works integrating science and technology into the medical field. Together with his partner they created some of the fastest and precise instruments that aid in surgical and diagnostics of even the most rarest diseases.

At a young age Emilio married Dolores and together they ran Jivana until Dolores became pregnant with child and took to aiding the nurses raise her son, Dorian.

Dorian was never like other children, and Emilio disliked his proclivities almost from the beginning. Dorian being headstrong rebelled and Emilio lost all hope of having an heir. But Dorian pulls his own long con and a son is born. Cruz Vega is currently in line to be Emilio’s heir.

The Family

Extended Family

When Dorian moved to Moscow he bought an estate upon which Anastasia and her lover (and former head of household), Christian Costas now reside. Anastasia and Christian have offered their home to the boys who had helped her son survive the sickness. Nox, Aiden, and Sage are always welcome at her home, and considers them family.



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