Wolves are the brethren of Wolfkin, and communicate via a telepathic image-based language. They have long, descriptive names often shortened for simplicity by their two-leg companions. Notably, wolves have a deep connection with Tel’aran’rhiod, can enter and guide in the wolfdream, and return to that realm between rebirths.

1st Age Wolves

Chases Butterflies

A white wolf with grey at the tufts of her ears and on her left front paw up to the knee, her eyes are amber.

Chase was mated with Dawn Wind, Alpha of the Eastern Moscovian Pack (he has died)

Image of her name: Her as a pup chasing butterflies through the field of flowers


The sending of Howl’s name was a finder of kin, the wolf who howls longest and loudest for those who are lost. He paused near the two-leg, sat, tucked his tail around his haunches. 

Howl is part of a pack that has territory on Olkhon Island near Lake Baikal (Siberia). He is sleek and black. He met Sierra in the Wolfdream. It was the first time he had encounter one of the two-leg kin.


He was small but feisty and his name was pretty much an image of him pressing forward against a tree that was immovable but it didn’t stop him from trying. It was meant as a joke amongst the other wolves but Sierra saw it as Never Give up against All Odds. And that’s why she called him Never.

Never is a companion of Sierra Lupita.

Sure Foot

The other was named Sure Foot, an image of dexterous leaps bounding over icy tundra.

She is a pale white/grey wolf, and part of the pack that has territory on Olkhon Island near Lake Baikal (Siberia). She is Howl’s mate.

Thorn Paw

A large black and white wolf who lives in the dream, awaiting rebirth. He is old and cantankerous, yet possessed of a calm patience.

His name translates as roughly: Of large black paws swatting curious wet noses away from thorny bramble (or, as it happened, nipping equally foolish youngsters away from plunging into the deep). Of a cantankerous growl when the young ones ragged at ears and tail with needled teeth, scattering the pups like autumn leaves. Sharp and soft. Black and white. a guide through dangers; monstrous body holding back the teeth of bloodied brambles for the young to pass unscathed. Even if it meant a thorn in his own side, he took the brunt of it. A leader, an alpha. Thorn Paw.

A mentor of Tristan in the Wolfdream.



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